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‘Writing on Snow’ wins Best Movie Award at Muscat International Film Festival  - Daily News Egypt

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‘Writing on Snow’ wins Best Movie Award at Muscat International Film Festival 

Story shows audiences different beliefs among Arabs regarding Israeli occupation

Palestinian Film “Ketaba Ala Al-Talg” (Writing on Snow) won the Best Movie Award at the 10th edition of the Muscat International Film Festival. Egyptian actor Amr Waked is one of the film’s stars among several others from different Arab countries.

The film was written and directed by Palestinian film director Rashid Masharawi. The story takes audiences to the different beliefs among Palestinians regarding the Israeli occupation. In his film, Masharawi discusses the diversity in ideologies, beliefs, and points of view regarding the Palestinian-Israeli coexistence. Starting with a scene where audiences are taken inside a house where five Palestinian citizens live in Gaza, while air raids shower the area, their discussion discloses their adopted beliefs, not only in Palestine, but also spotlights how the cause is seen in the Middle East.

Throughout the plot, the film also features the destruction that has dogged the area, and how people are adapting. Ketaba Ala Al-Talg was shot in the coastal town of Tabarka in Tunisia. The film was also the opening film of the festival.

Waked co-stars alongside prominent actor Ghassan Maso’od, Palestinian artists Areen Omari and Ramzi Maqdisi, as well as Lebanese actress Yomna Marwan.

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