Medical city to be established in SCZone

Mohamed Farag
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Head of the Suez Canal Economic Zone (SCZone) Ahmed Darwish said that the coming period will witness the establishment of the biggest pharmaceutical and medical equipment and supplies area within the SCZone, in accordance with the directives of President Abdel Fattah Al-Sisi and the cooperation of all government agencies.

He added that the SCZone, the Ministry of Military Production, the Armed Forces Medical Services Department, and the Unified Purchasing Committee will begin preparations for the establishment of a medical city on an area of 4m sqm.

Darwish met with Minister of Military Production Mohamed Al-Assar, and major general Bahaa Eddin Morsi, head of the Unified Purchasing Committee and Galaa Military Medical Complex to discuss ways of cooperation for the implementation of the project to become a commercial gate for trade between Egypt and Arab and African countries.

Al-Assar said that the ministry is now mandated to locally manufacture various devices, medical equipment, and medical supplies, which currently constitute a great burden on the state budget in terms of imports. He added that the ministry is also working to draw those industries to Egypt—with the cooperation of all state agencies and the private sector of Egypt. He pointed out that the Unified Purchasing Committee, which is chaired by the head of Galaa Military Medical Complex, has been tasked with providing and purchasing medical supply and equipment.

Al-Assar noted that the ministry is now coordinating with major companies, with the help of ambassadors abroad, to develop partnerships to establish industries in the military production ministry factories.

Bahaa Eddin Morsi, head of Unified Purchasing Committee, said that since its establishment with mandates of the president, the committee has been negotiating to buy medicine and supply medical equipment from manufacturers directly to the hospitals of the armed forces, noting that the committee has been successfully providing equipment and supplies at competitive prices.

He added that the committee will provide expertise to negotiate on buying medicine and medical equipments to the Ministry of Health and the private sector.

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