V Estate Expo to launch 2nd round on 21 March

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The V Estate Expo is preparing to launch its second round on 21 March, as part of efforts to support the real estate sector.

The upcoming exhibition will take advantage of the significant technological revolution to offer state-of-the-art solutions, and an unmatched virtual experience.

The V Estate Expo comes in light of the Egyptian government’s efforts in supporting a digital transformation across all sectors in the country, including real estate. This has taken place through  providing the sector’s services in a simple, easy to use and safe environment, to help prevent the spread of the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic.

After the success of its first round last October, the V Estate Expo is expected to attract over 100,000 online visitors in its second round.

The exhibition’s online sessions will emphasise strengthening the partnership between public and private sectors, especially with the huge growth that the country is witnessing in infrastructure and construction development.

It also aims to focus on emerging opportunities in the real estate sector and challenges facing it.

Ahmed Barakat, Founder and CEO of Expo One, said that moving to virtual exhibitions today is more necessary than ever before. International reports indicate that Egypt has become one of the most important markets in the Middle East, thanks to the government’s economic reform programme.

The programme has led to establishing new cities including the New Administrative Capital (NAC), which is considered the largest smart city in the Arab region.

“This is in addition to the countries support for digital transformation in all areas, including organising exhibitions that we pioneered in,” Barakat said, “The V Estate expo represents a real opportunity for potential buyers to interact more with the event and the participating developers throughout the year with no time or physical boundaries.”

Barakat said that this can be done through using many channels and tools, including videos, pictures, and 3D tours, in an experience that greatly resembles the real experience of physical exhibitions.

Sameh Thabet, Managing Director of the exhibition’s co-organisers Grand Technology, which specialises in software development and telecom solutions, said that the exhibition includes major Egyptian, regional, and international companies.

He also highlighted the importance of free participation in the expo, where the customer is able to identify, select, interact with, and conclude direct deals with the developers in an easy and safe environment.

The V Estate Expo’s revolutionary solution does not only resemble the real life experience, it gives participants tools to organise and interact more efficiently. It also allows buyers from other countries to take advantage of the offers further driving growth of the real estate sector, Thabet noted.

He said that Grand  Technology’s idea of ​​creating a virtual platform and the mobile application comes in line with the Egyptian Government’s focus on digital transformation.

The second virtual edition of the exhibition is expected to include digital seminars and live sessions, with the participation of prominent experts and specialists in the real estate field from Egypt and other countries.

Over the course of two days, representatives of the exhibiting companies and experts in the sector will discuss, online, important topics such as: ways to improve the real estate sector and take advantage of the available opportunities; strategies driven by the country for horizontal expansion; and smart cities among other topics.

V Estate expo will be held on 21-23 March 2021, with the participation of a large number of real estate developers, including: Emaar; NEWGIZA; Sodic; Dorra; Marakez; Inertia; Al Sharqiyoun for Real Estate Development; Memaar AlMorshedy; Tabarak Developments; Ibdaa Developments, in addition to a number of other major real estate companies.

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