Al-Sisi meets Macedonian president, other former presidents and officials

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Egypt’s President Abdel Fattah Al-Sisi met with the Macedonian president, several former presidents, and officials on Saturday, during their visit to Egypt to participate in “Democratic security in the time of extremism and violence” conference, according to a presidential statement.

The meeting included the former presidents of Ukraine, Lebanon, Romania, Ecuador, Serbia, Latvia, and Croatia. It also included the deputy prime ministers of Bosnia and Georgia. Nizami Ganjavi International Center praised Al-Sisi for his efforts in combating terrorism and awarded him a medal for his attempts to abolish extremism. The centre was established in Azerbaijan in 2012.

Al-Sisi said during the meeting that the international community should collaborate to combat terrorism, adding that terrorist groups are threatening all civilians in the entire world without differentiation. He further added that combating terrorism should include a strategic and inclusive plan; it shouldn’t only be limited to security and military actions. Al-Sisi said that religious discourse plays a rather important role in enhancing the principles of co-existence.

During the meeting, the leaders discussed with Al-Sisi several developments in the region. They praised Egypt’s strategic role in enhancing stability and peace in the Middle East. They stressed on the importance of reaching political solutions.


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