Siemens begins pilot phase for Borollos power plant producing 1,200 MW

Mohamed Farag
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German company Siemens began running the pilot phase of three electricity production units in Borollos power plant producing 1,200 MW.

A source at the Ministry of Electricity said that the first unit entered the pilot phase early this week producing 400 MW. The other two production units will also begin trials to output 800 MW on Sunday. This comes after securing voltage to run the plant through linking it to Abu Qir power plant for 500 kV.

Moreover, the source noted that the Borollos power plant establishment faced many challenges related to the location, as the company had to plant pillars 30 metres below the ground surface.

He added that commercial operation of the power plants in Beni Suef, Borollos, and the New Administrative Capital will begin in March as the ministry cannot begin operations before installing the steam units.

The sources pointed out that a commission of the Ministry of Electricity has been formed to follow up on the pilot phase and operation. He noted that the ministry is considering canceling the contract with a foreign company for receiving the projects.

The source explained that the Ministry of Electricity will be pleased with the capacities produced from Siemens projects until 2018 and would focus on developing and expanding the national grid to accommodate future capacities.

The total capacity of the power plants implemented by Siemens amount to 14,400 MW.

Up until December 2016, the company had managed to add 3,200 MW to national production through linking six production units at Beni Suef power plant (2,400 MW), one unit at Borollos power plant (400 MW), and one from the New Administrative Capital plant (400 MW).

The source said that the Ministry of Petroleum has completed linking gas lines to all three plants, where 2m cubic metres of gas have been secured to each production unit at every plant until linking them commercially to the grid.

The Beni Suef plant receives 12m cubic metres of gas per day for six production units with a total capacity of 2,400 MW, while two production units in the New Administrative Capital obtain 4m cubic metres per day to output 800 MW. The Borollos plant receives 6m cubic metres per day to operate three production units giving 1,200 MW of electricity.

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