Egyptian Tourism Authority prepares to participate in TT Warsaw exhibition in November: official

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The Egyptian Tourism Authority, the promotional arm of the Ministry of Tourism, is preparing to participate in the TT Warsaw tourism exhibition in Poland from 24-26 November, according to an official in the Egyptian Tourism Federation.

According to the official, it costs $1,350 to participate in the exhibition. A large number of Red Sea and South Sinai hotels are expected to participate owing to the growth in the tourism movement coming from Poland in the past period.

The official attributed this to Poland not issuing any travel warnings for its citizens coming to Egypt in the recent period.

A strong promotional campaign will be conducted in the European markets, said Minister of Tourism Yehia Rashed, adding that Poland and Germany are among the most important markets for Egypt.

The official expects at least 60 hotels and companies to participate—a large number compared to the past period.

The ministry is supporting the hotels and companies wishing to participate as much as possible, so as to boost the promotion in coordination between the ministry and the private sector.

Former chairperson of the Egyptian Tourism Federation Elhamy ElZayat expects the tourism movement coming to Egypt from both Poland and Germany to grow at a high rate in the winter season.

El-Zayat sees that Hurghada and Sharm El-Sheikh obtain the lion’s share of the tourism movement coming from both countries, which pushes many hotels and companies to participate in the conference as it is considered a good opportunity.

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