Al-Sisi honours Egypt’s Olympic and Paralympics champions

Maya Nawar
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President Abdel Fattah Al-Sisi received the Olympic and Paralympics champions, who represented Egypt at the 2016 Rio Summer Olympic and Paralympics Games, at the presidency’s headquarters on Monday to honour the champions.

Egypt won three medals at the Olympic Games. Weightlifters Sara Samir and Mohamed Ihab and taekwondo champion Hedaya Malak each won a bronze medal.

Egyptian Paralympic champions won twelve medals. Powerlifters Sherif Osman, Randa Mahmoud, and Mohamed El-Dib obtained gold medals in the men’s under 59kg weight division, the women’s under 86kg, and the men’s under 97kg, respectively.

Powerlifters Rehab Ahmed, Fatma Omar, Mohamed Ahmed, and Amr Mosaad won silver in the women’s under 50kg division, the women’s under 61kg, the men’s under 107kg, and over 107kg division, respectively.

Last but not least, Egyptian powerlifters Shaaban Ibrahim, Amal Mahmoud, and Amany Ali, won bronze at the men’s under 65kg division, the women’s under 67kg, and the women’s 73kg, respectively.

Powerlifting was not the only sport where Egyptian Paralympians stood out. In athletics, Mostafa Fathalla Mohamed won a silver medal in the men’s 100m-T37. Also, the Egyptian men’s team for sitting volleyball won bronze.

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