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Egypt to construct 1,000 MW solar power station, solar panels factory with $3.3bn of Chinese funding - Daily News Egypt

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Egypt to construct 1,000 MW solar power station, solar panels factory with $3.3bn of Chinese funding

China will transfer technology required for manufacturing solar energy panels

Egypt is to construct a 1,000 MW solar power station and a solar panels factory that will be implemented in two stages, 500 MW each. According to the agreement, it is expected that China will fund the establishment of the station and the factory with $3.3bn in concessional financing.

A meeting was held on Tuesday between the Minister of International Cooperation Sahar Nasr, Minister of Military Production Mohamad Al-Assar, and Minister of Electricity and Renewable Energy Mohamed Shaker, to discuss the recent developments related to the memorandum of understanding (MoU) that was signed on 27 July to construct the solar power station with a capacity of 1,000 MW and a solar panels factory.

The Ministry of Military Production announced earlier in May during the Third Annual Energy Conference that it is evaluating the possibility of constructing a factory to manufacture solar panels in Egypt.

This project would complement the MoU signed by the Ministry of International Cooperation with the Ministry of Military Production and China to exchange experiences, help local production, and the transfer of technology and knowledge required to manufacture and produce solar energy from silicon panels.

Nasr stressed that the latest negotiations with China come in the framework of cooperation between the three ministries to support the energy sector by diversifying sources of energy and increasing the usage of renewable energy.

However, many solar companies had disputes with the Ministry of Electricity over the agreement for purchasing solar energy according to the feed-in-tariff system, which led to the withdrawal of many solar energy companies from the projects, such as Cairo Solar, Scatec Solar, and EDF.

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  • Al

    Great work Sahar, but wait …

    At bloody last they allow the talented and competent economist Minister Nasr to develop REAL projects for Egypt; a solar panels assembly plant to power local solar farms … but wait; why the Ministry of MILITARY production? when will Egypt help the private sector to build industries and factories to power the economy? has Egypt given up on Egypt and now building a new country called the Army Republic of Egypt? Is this a move to PERMANENTLY put army generals in charge of government, economy, education, healthcare, and the next 10 presidents???

  • Baz

    Egypt needs to invest in more alternative energy projects. It should learn from India and provide solar power products that the rural farmers can use to cook. That would reduce the pollution coming into Cairo. It could subsidize such things. Yes, it would cost money, but it would save the country money, as well. Also, many farmers illegally burn rice husks. That brings a lot of pollution into Cairo. To deal with that problem, they could build a biofuel plant and use that to provide some electricity to the rural area and reduce the pollution. The incentive could be a reduction in electricity costs and tell the farmers it would also reduce pollution, and they would be helping their country.

    • State offical

      Solar and other green energy sources are not easy to steal by government officials like imported wheat, coal, oils … etc. With a government sunk in corruption up to their eyelids siphoning tons of coal or barrels of oil is easier to hide than solar panels!!

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