Army foils attack against checkpoint in Sheikh Zuweid

Taha Sakr
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Second field army forces destroyed a truck bomb driven by militants, targeting an army checkpoint in Sheikh Zuweid in North Sinai on Monday.

A militant drove a truck bomb towards the checkpoint. The truck was immediately destroyed by an RBG shell launched by a conscript inside the checkpoint. After the truck exploded, officers and conscripts started exchanging fire with a number of militants.

The army spokesperson issued a statement on his official Facebook page, clarifying the details of the attack.

“The exchange of fire resulted in the killing of the militants who had tried to attack the checkpoint,” the statement read.

Directly after curbing the attack, joint forces from the army and police—including air forces—launched a security sweep in Sheikh Zuweid and Al-Arish, destroying a number of militant stations, according to the statement.

Militants who attacked the aforementioned checkpoint are believed to be members of Islamic State-affiliated Sinai Province.

Military insurgency against army and police forces in North Sinai is still on the rise despite intensive military operations carried out by the state targeting members of the group.

The military had previously stated that it had carried out several operations amid its war on terrorism in North Sinai, which resulted in the arrest of dozens of suspects and the destruction of explosive devices.

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