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Army foils attack against checkpoint in Sheikh Zuweid

Militant attacks army checkpoint with truck bomb, says army spokesperson

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Ansar Beit Al-Maqdis leader killed in North Sinai: Armed Forces

45 other militants were killed in an airstrike south and southwest of

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Geographically hard to secure: North Sinai caught in crossfire between army, militants

My support for ‘fighters’ was sparked by the 2011 uprisings, says North

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Court places Ansar Beit Al-Maqdis on terrorist organisations list

The court referred its alleged founder and seven others to the list

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Conscript injured, 3 militants killed in North Sinai

Militants swear vengeance whilst armed forces aim to "eliminate terrorism"

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Five ‘State of Sinai’ militants killed in Sharqeya raid: Ministry of Interior

The suspects allegedly planned to carry out major terrorist attacks in coming

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‘State of Sinai’ claim attacks as part of ‘Islamic Youth Uprising’

Armed forces release conflicting information, saying militant group’s announcements not to be

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90% of houses within 500 metres of Gaza border evacuated in Rafah: Official

More than EGP 100m have been disbursed to the displaced families so

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Deadly clashes in Rafah between militants and armed forces

"Terrorist elements" killed in exchange of fire, number of injuries and deaths

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Suicide bombers in Libya include Egyptians: reports

ISIS-affiliated website publishes images of alleged suicide bombers in Libya, claiming they

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