Sports stars with the most social-media clout

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David Beckham? Or Lewis Hamilton? Or perhaps Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson? Which sport star is number one on the net?
Pinning down fifth place is American wrestler Nikki Bella. Her sport may not take her to the Olympics, but this muscle-woman is one of the most popular athletes online. The reach and numbers of followers are critical marketing factors – for fashion advertizing, for instance – even if Bella isn’t sporting too many clothes here.

Just missing out on a podium finish this time is current Formula-one world champion Lewis Hamilton. The British race ace has a reputation for the glamor and glitz, and maintains a bouyant social media presence off the track.

In third is David Beckham. A megastar in his playing days, he hung up his boots in 20-13 — but he’s now an in-demand model for big-brand clothing lines. And he’s still always game for a selfie!

Slamming second … is Dwayne Johnson, known as “The Rock”. Now a blockbuster movie star, he started out as a wrestler. And he still looks quite the part!

Our table-topper this week is LeBron James, the only athlete in our chart who’s competed in the Olympics. He’s regarded as the most recognizable brand in sports – maybe even in the entire universe.

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