16 satellite TV channels to be investigated for misleading ads: CPA

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The Egyptian Consumer Protection Agency (CPA) referred 16 satellite TV channels to prosecution authorities on accusations of advertising for fraudulent sheikhs, also known as dajaleen.

CPA head, Atef Yaacoub, issued a warning statement to consumers on Wednesday, in which he expressed regret at the spread and reinforcement of fraudulent concepts in society that reflect “ignorance and retardation”.

The channels broadcast local films at lower quality, likely due to improper licensing and copyright permissions. Many advertisements promote “faith healing”—certain sheikhs claimed to be capable of solving people’s problems and curing them of diseases.

“Such misleading advertisements violate the law that bans the promotion of goods or services using false information about their characteristics or giving false impressions,” Yaacoub added.

The CPA had previously traced similar fraud in advertisements by real estate companies and others related to unlicensed medical products. Egyptian actors were also referred to investigations for participating in such ads.

On its website, the CPA issued several warnings against companies and industries selling medical products unverified by the Health Ministry, such as capsules promoted as treatment for HHHepatitis C.

Penalties have been imposed on the owners of fake, misleading ads. According to the law, they had also been required to pay for announcements of their convictions in two largely circulated daily newspapers.

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