‘Presidential team’ initiative to focus on 5 core social issues

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Former presidential adviser and planetary scientist Essam Heggy revealed on Tuesday further details of the “presidential team” initiative, which will focus on female empowerment, religious equality, and health sector development.

In a TV interview on Saturday, the NASA scientist announced the team’s initiative. The team aims to run in the 2018 presidential elections. “The ‘presidential team’ will win the 2018 elections, even if President Abdel Fattah Al-Sisi also runs as a candidate,” Heggy said.

He also indicated in a statement that the initiative’s agenda can be implemented within four years.

The names of those who will comprise the cabinet of the “presidential team” will be announced ahead of the elections, according to a statement released Tuesday. The cabinet will “implement steps to quickly correct the path that the 25 January Revolution called for,” the statement read.

This initiative will focus on providing solutions and generating ideas in five main fields: women, education, health, economy, and equality. The goal of this initiative is to lift Egypt back up from the current conditions of poverty, ignorance, and disease, and to achieve a high level of education and healthcare.

Heggy added that this initiative will change political activity and the one-voice state by forming a national, comprehensive reconciliation process that includes all Egyptians.

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