Significant decline in quality of mobile internet in May: NTRA

Mohamed Alaa El-Din
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The May report from the National Telecommunications Regulatory Authority (NTRA) showed a draw back in the quality of mobile internet browsing in Greater Cairo. This was concluded after testing 16,283 browsing attempts across the three mobile operators—Vodafone, Orange, and Etisalat—21 attempts of which were dropped, compared to only six drops in April.

The report also showed that Etisalat came in first place among mobile operators in terms of internet browsing quality, after testing 5,105 browsing attempts. None of these attempts were blocked, while only two were dropped.

In second place came Vodafone, advancing from third in the April report. The company’s network was tested with 5,841 browsing attempts, none of which were dropped and only six were dropped.

According to NTRA’s quality of service report, Orange came in third place after coming in second in April. The company’s network was tested through 5,337 browsing attempts, none of which were blocked and 13 of which were dropped.

With regard to video streaming, the report showed that the service quality retreated in Greater Cairo in May compared to April. That result was concluded after conducting 7,584 video streaming attempts.

According to the report, Orange came in first place for the second consecutive month in terms of video streaming quality. The company was tested through 2,692 attempts, only five of which were blocked, while none of the attempts were dropped.

Etisalat came in second place after it was tested through approximately 2,433 video streaming attempts. Nine attempts were blocked while none of these attempts were dropped.

For the second consecutive month, Vodafone came in last place after it was tested through 2,459 attempts, 26 of which were blocked and eight dropped.

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