Al-Sisi meets with Arab League secretary-general in preparation for Arab Summit

Taha Sakr
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President Abdel Fattah Al-Sisi met on Wednesday with the new Arab League secretary-general Ahmed Aboul-Gheit in preparation forthe Arab Summit in Mauritania, according to an official statement issued by thepresidency on Wednesday.

The upcoming Arab Summit is scheduled to be held on 25-26 July.

“Throughout this meeting, Aboul-Gheit showed the president documents related to common Arab issues that will be discussed during the summit,” the statement read.

The statement asserted that Aboul-Gheit showed the president his vision to enhance the Arab League’s role inthe international, domestic, and Arab arenas.Meanwhile, Al-Sisi stressed the needto pursue efforts to develop different sides of common Arab concerns, the statement read.

Newly elected Arab League secretary-general Ahmed Aboul-Gheit was choseninMarch for the position by twenty Arab foreign ministers, after his predecessor Nabil El-Araby decided not to seek another term.

Following nomination Aboul-Gheit pledged that the Arab League wouldcombat regional challenges, enhance its capacity, and increase collaboration between its members.

Only two countries chose not to vote for Aboul-Gheit as the new secretary-general. Qatar said it wanted to postpone the election and refused to comment further, while Sudan decided not to vote for Aboul-Gheit because they wanted to nominate their own candidate.

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