25 suspects referred to prosecution following new sectarian strife in Minya

Adham Youssef
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People inspect the inside of a the destroyed room in a building that was burnt down during a night of sectarian clashes between Christians and Muslims in Al-Khasous on 6 April,2013 (AFP File Photo)

Twenty-five suspects in a recent sectarian strife in North Minya were referred to the General Prosecution Friday on charges of committing violence and setting ablaze four houses owned by Coptic residents.

The violence started last week between Muslims and Christians in the village of Koum Al-Loufy after a resident circulated a rumour that a new church will be built in the village.

After the violence took place, the police intervened and arrested dozens of suspects. The governor of Minya ordered religious officials to solve the matter in a customary reconciliation sessions.

This step was refused by the Archbishopric of Samalout who recommended taking legal action.

In May, a similar incident took place when dozens of Muslims looted and torched houses that belonged to Coptic Christians and a 70-year-old women was reported to have been assaulted and forced out of her home by an angry mob. She was then dragged in the street, beaten, and had her clothes ripped off.

The Egyptian state also pushed “unofficial ways” to resolve the incident, nevertheless more than 20 defendants are being interrogated by the prosecution.

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