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Two Middle Kingdom elites’ cemeteries discovered in Minya

Two burial chambers of two Middle Kingdom elites were announced to have been discovered on Tuesday at the hands of an Egyptian-Australian archaeological mission from Macquarie University in Beni Hassan Necropolis in Minya governorate, according to a press release published by the Ministry of Antiquities. The elites were found to be named Remochetni and Baqet …

Daily News Egypt


Inside the discovered cemetery in Minya 

The Ministry of Antiquities announced on Sunday the discovery of a new cemetery near Tuna Al-Gabal in Minya governorate. Daily News Egypt’s photographer captured photos from inside the cemetery, where a family tomb was unearthed along with the mummies of its members, who were priests of the gods during their lifetime. The cemetery had burial …

Daily News Egypt

Statue of King Akhenaten’s head discovered in Minya 

A gypsum head of a statue of king King Akhenaten was unearthed on the hands of a British- Egyptian archaeological mission in Tel El-Amarna in Minya governorate, according to Ministry of Antiquities’ official Facebook page. The head was found in the first hall of the Great Atun Temple in Tel El-Amarna. The mission headed by …

Daily News Egypt

Smile, shake hands, and ignore sectarian violence

Perhaps what is even more predictable than the sporadic occurrence of sectarian violence in Egypt throughout the past few decades is the official rhetoric: denying that the incident ever took place, followed by admitting that it did when mounting public pressure threatens to delegitimise their stance, followed by the “isolated incident” proclamation and a reconciliation …

Mohanad Elsangary