One Woman is Not Enough: the birth of a new Egyptian poet

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One Woman is Not Enough is a blend of different genres of poetry: comedy, social, romantic, and political

A few days ago, Egypt’s top tier of writers, journalists, and media experts headed to the Four Seasons hotel to celebrate the birth of a promising new journalist. Serag El-Din Yassin is originally an expert on economics and has finally decided to spread his wings and share his poetic talent with the masses.

One Woman is Not Enough is the author’s first poetic experience after a relatively long journey in the arena of economic publications. The romantic diwan contains Yassin’s elaborate work expressed in Arabic poetry.  Meanwhile, the book was also a chance for Yassin to help those in need. The proceeds from his book will be donated to the patients of Bolaq El-Dakrory hospital.

“The title is perhaps provocative and some people might perceive it in a rather negative way; however, when you read the poems you will realise that the main idea revolves around the multiple faces of women,” said the author.

The name is not only controversial due to its direct meaning, but it has also caused its fair share of debate due to the fact that the Egyptian history of literature and cinema already include an iconic novel and movie under the same name.

Even though the new diwan has nothing to do with the previous works, a few of the present journalists and critics did not favour the title while others suggested that it might attract a younger segment of readers who are known for preferring familiar titles.

With that said, the book brings the great Nizar Qabbani to mind. The poems depend on a direct and simple language that is fuelled with detailed description and evident emotions.

“A man seeks different faces of the same exact women throughout their journey together. She could be a daughter, companion, lover, partner, etc. Whenever these different aspects are present in one woman, she will be more than enough for a man to live happily ever after,” said Yassin.

Furthermore, the author chose to conclude his publication with a poem under the name Eny Khayartoky Fa Ekhtary or I give you the choice. Not only is this the same title as one of Gabbani’s most celebrated poems, but it also showcases a direct projection on the poem.

One Woman is Not Enough is a blend of different genres of poetry: comedy, social, romantic, and political. It took me five to six years to put it all together,” said Yassin.

The author’s background may be unexpected; his previous economic publications have positioned him as one of the country’s iconic experts. “I mainly come from an economic background. Nonetheless, I have always been passionate about poetry; it has been one of my hobbies ever since school. I love literature and exploring different writers and authors,” said Yassin.

It is also notable that while Yassin’s previous work was mainly in English, his first poetic experience came out in Arabic—language of which the younger generation has been brutally disserting. “Language has never been a burden; I can write in both English and Arabic. However, when it comes to poetry, I feel more powerful and confident when writing in Arabic,” said the author.

During the reception, the author also highlighted the fact that this book was delayed before being published. Therefore, he promised more progressive topics and writing in his upcoming work.

“I will publish another diwan that is purely romantic. Meanwhile, I am publishing my first novel very soon,” said Yassin.

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