Move over Donald Trump, these presidential candidates make you look tame

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Donald Trump is easily the most unorthodox figure set to become the presidential candidate of one of the major US parties in a long time. But compared to some other presidential contenders he looks – well, conventional.
Are you a US citizen, older than 35 with an internet connection and some time on your hands? Than you too could become an official presidential candidate. All you need to do is fill out and file the Federal Election Commission’s special Statement of Candidacy form online and you could be en route to the White House.

This is exactly what 1,721 people have done so far, registering as presidential candidates for 2016 with the FEC. Among this official candidate pool, some have simply filled out the form and left it at that, while others have launched their own campaigns. Here are five of the stranger presidential candidates that make Donald Trump look boring.

Vermin Supreme

Vermin Supreme is a veteran candidate. Donning his trademark boot on his head he has run in numerous elections in the US. Supreme’s key campaign promises: A pony for every American and combating gingivitis by making teeth-brushing legally mandatory.

Jeffrey Wagner

Jeffrey Wagner ran for mayor of Minneapolis, Minnesota in 2013. His campaign as candidate for the Democratic-Farmer-Labor Party was unsuccessful. But since some of his eccentric video ads went viral, Wagner is now campaigning for the highest office in the United States.

Banana for President 2016

Clearly targeting the large number of voters that are disappointed with traditional politicians is the Banana for President platform. Its motto: Nobody can produce like a Banana.

Princess Oawlawolwaol

Who is Princess Oawlawolwaol? “A woman to represent the land for which we stand unites the whole universal flow and goal.” What are Princess Oawlawolwaol’s goals as president: “Am looking forward to serve you as a real live Princess in the Presidential seat.”

Andrew D. Basiago

Andrew D. Basiago describes himself as a prominent figure in the Truth Movement. Among his qualifications for the presidency he lists his stints as a secret time traveler and Mars explorer, as well as his more mundane work as a “crusading lawyer”.

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