Number of CIT members increases to 981 companies

Mohamed Alaa El-Din
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The number of companies benefiting from the programme aimed at increasing local demand is 231 Photo courtesy of CIT website

During the period of July 2014 to April 2016, the Chamber of Information and Technology (CIT) has achieved a growth rate in the number of its members, which increased from 797 to 981 companies.

The CIT also managed to implement its strategy during this period, which is based on increasing local demand and opening new regional markets through a variety of specialised programmes that aim to help local IT companies in order to increase the volume of their businesses.

Included in these programmes is Jusoor, which works to open external markets, as well as a programme to develop Egyptian companies’ abilities by organising training sessions for company employees to increase their efficiency. Moreover, there are programmes that aim to increase demand in the communications sector, and others to support innovation and creativity.

The number of companies benefiting from the programme aimed at increasing local demand is 231, and 1,474 companies were able to attend bilateral meetings organised by the CIT with other sectors that specialise in the IT industry.

These meetings aim to assist in spreading information technology throughout various sectors and to increase the business size of participating companies by providing new investment opportunities during the meetings held by the CIT.

The bilateral meetings were attended by 1,200 representatives from other various industries, while the total number of contracts presented during the bilateral meetings was approximately 260.

The CIT is working on highlighting its contributions through its achievements in helping Egyptian companies achieve their goals, increase the efficiency of their staff, and promoting innovative ideas and the services of Arab, regional, and international markets.

This is in addition to strengthening the role of telecommunications and IT sector information in the development of the Egyptian economy by maximising the use of digital technology. The CIT is also working to increase the efficiency and capabilities of government services in various sectors, and the development of basic tools for Egyptian companies that allow them to keep pace with technological changes.

The CIT’s developments were presented during a community dialogue organised by the CIT on Tuesday in the presence of Information Technology Industry Development Agency (ITIDA) head Asmaa Hosny.

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