SCA to complete $25m project to develop waterway monitoring, security

Mohamed Ahmed
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The extension of the 145 year old original canal, which is said, will bring in revenues worth $13.5bn annually before 2023... AFP Photo

The Suez Canal Authority (SCA) is close to completing the development of the monitoring and securing of the waterway by installing an advanced radar system to monitor the navigational traffic in the canal instantly through connected screens.

Sources at the SCA said the project costs up to $25m and consists of two main parts. The first part is supplying the Suez Canal with a radar system along the waterway. About 50% of that part has already been finalised and the remainder is underway.

The sources said the second part includes constructing three control centres in the canal cities, of which two have already been completed. These centres are connected to the radar system through screens at the SCA, showing instant navigational traffic data in the canal.

The importance of the project is in obtaining accurate data regarding ship speed and time spent in transit, so as to calculate the trips length and arrival time to the destination, with sufficient time in advance to efficiently regulate the navigational traffic.

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