Prosecution accuses Matariya police of assaulting doctors

Amira El-Fekki
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Preliminary investigations into the reported assault of nine police conscripts on two doctors at the Matariya Teaching Hospital two weeks ago confirmed that the policemen illegally used force against the doctors.

A copy of the investigations issued by the East Cairo Prosecution Authority was published in local state-owned and independent news outlets. It stated that the policemen were conducting a security raid when police conscript Mohamed Radwan was injured.

His colleagues drove him to the hospital; a dispute erupted between them and the two doctors, then the conscripts called their colleagues to join them at the hospital. Investigations further stated the police illegally detained doctors and assaulted them. The Prosecution Authority said it listened to their testimony, as well as the doctors’ and eyewitnesses.

However, one of the two assaulted doctors, Moamen Abdel Azim, told Daily News Egypt otherwise. “We were questioned as suspects and we were accused of assaulting three police conscripts while they were on a mission causing them permanent disabilities , which is a felony,” he said Saturday.

Abdel Azim said the prosecution authority has not heard them regarding the report they filed against the police conscripts accusing them of assault. “We were questioned for over six days, intimidated in order to drop charges against the policemen, and the Ministry of Health only just sent us a lawyer, who could not guarantee us protection,” Abdel Azim said.

Prosecution authorities had announced calling the conscripts in for investigations but then claimed it released them from custody on the eve of the Doctors’ Syndicate’s scheduled rally and public assembly meeting, sparking further outrage. Abdel Azim said he has been receiving many calls on behalf of the Ministry of Interior in attempts to reconcile before the case reaches court.

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