Parliament will not interfere with president’s salary

Hoda Badry
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Egypt's President Abdel Fattah Al-Sisi called Sunday for the creation of a common Arab market during his speech at the inauguration of the 14th annual conference of the Arab Thought Foundation (ATF) in Cairo.

The parliament approved a legal text guaranteeing the salary of the president of the country.

While 435 MPs voted in favour of the law, four MPs abstained from voting, and two MPs rejected the law.

MP Osama Sharshar stated that President Abdel Fattah Al-Sisi receives the “lowest salary in comparison to presidents of other countries”.

“Al-Sisi gets $63,000 annually – equivalent to EGP 540,000, in comparison to US President Barak Obama who gets $480,000 per year, equivalent to nearly EGP 5m, while the Algerian president gets $188,000 per year,” Sharshar said.

Meanwhile, parliamentary speaker Ali Abdel Aal stirred anger among MPs when he decided to overlook the reviewing of laws related to political rights and parliamentary regulations during Sunday’s session.

“We will postpone the discussion of those laws due to their importance,” said Abdel Aal, adding that MPs who had sent him requests to comment on the law during the session were “absent”.

Moreover, a 416-MP majority approved an amendment to the previously issued anti-money laundering law. MP Ali Al-Kayyal objected to the law’s amendment, demanding the restoration of a law that requires documents proving individual citizens’ sources of wealth.

The parliament is currently in preliminary discussions to review laws and decrees issued during the body’s three-year absence.


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