Juhayna did not receive investigation request from CPA: Thabet

Mohamed Ayyad
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By Mohamed Ayyad and Mohamed Ahmed

Juhayna’s Chairman and CEO, Safwan Thabet, said his company is ready for any investigations conducted by the Consumer Protection Agency (CPA) on claims that it replaces the production dates of products with future dates.

A picture was widely shared on social media website, Facebook, of a Juhayna’s full-milk pack that allegedly showed production as 24 November 2015, despite being present on shelves on 22 November.

Thabet told Daily News Egypt that his company did not receive any investigation requests from the CPA on the selling of products with false production dates, adding that the company is ready for any investigation into that matter.

As for the head of the CPA, Atef Yacoub, he affirmed that the agency has formed an inspection committee to confirm the validity of the reports submitted.

He added that various campaigns by the agency, in cooperation with supply inspectors, did not find any containers similar to the ones that were shared on social media.

According to Yacoub, the CPA will not take steps to investigate Juhayna solely based on a shared picture on the Internet. The agency continues to coordinate with the Supply Investigation through supervisory campaigns on all products in order to control the markets.

According to a statement by Juhayna, the company requested the citizen who shared the picture of the pack on the social media to deliver it to the CPA, asserting that this pack, if it is real, was stolen from the company’s warehouses, and was not approved for selling. This is according to the Egyptian standard specifications that oblige dairy companies not to trade sterile products before seven days from the date of packing, until lab tests are conducted as one of the production stages.

According to the statement, the mentioned pack was filled at 12:13 am, Friday 20 November, in one of the company’s factories in 6th of October City, given that packs from this batch were not distributed to date.

The statement said the company will submit a detailed report to the CPA.

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