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Conservative Akmal Kortam returns to ‘In the love of Egypt’ electoral list - Daily News Egypt

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Conservative Akmal Kortam returns to ‘In the love of Egypt’ electoral list

 I was wrong to withdraw from the list, says Kurtam

By Mahmoud El-Sayed

Engineer Akmal Kortam, head of the Conservative Party, announced he is reversing his decision to withdraw from ‘In the love of Egypt’ electoral list. He stressed that has no intentions to withdraw again.

Kortam noted in a statement that his withdrawal was due to a misunderstanding with leaders of the list, and not due to the low percentage of the party’s representation on the list, as assumed by some. He said he would take full responsibility for the misunderstanding that occurred.

A meeting held with several top figures of the list to discuss the debatable aspects that led to Kortam’s withdrawal, resulted in his decision to re-join.  The final decision was made with the complete participation of the party’s politburo.

Kortam explained that he would begin participating in conferences held by the electoral list in a number of governorates.

On his part, journalist Moustafa Bakry, official spokesperson of ‘In the love of Egypt’, said that the list and its leaders understood Kortam’s situation and his return to the list. He said the current period requires much effort without going into conflicts or crises, stressing that there are always individuals who want to stir controversy.  Bakry added that there are no inner conflicts within the list.

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