We need integrated marketing, media plan to reassure investors, attract more investments: El-Nahas

Hossam Mounir
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Heidi El Nahas, Head of Corporate Communications at Banque Du Caire

Promoting investments in Egypt requires the preparation of an integrated marketing and media plan, according to Heidi El-Nahas, Deputy Head of Corporate Communications at Banque du Caire.

El-Nahas said that this would both reassure the investors interested in Egypt, and attract further investments to the country.

She added that this plan would be based on launching organised marketing campaigns directed abroad through different media platforms. The plan would aim at enhancing Egypt’s investment image, whilst also working on attracting new investments. It would also aim at shedding light on the most important factors that contribute to encouraging investors, and attracting new capital to fund vital projects inside Egypt.

El-Nahas also said it is necessary to intensify the advertisement promotion that focuses on sending a reassuring message to foreign investors, regarding achieving political and security stability. Various indicators reflect that stability, foremost of which is raising Egypt’s credit rating, according to reports by international rating agencies that are perceived by local and international investors as credible and transparent. Security is an essential condition for enhancing the investment climate.

According to El-Nahas, these promotional campaigns have to present the different aspects of investment in Egypt, as well as the promising investment opportunities proposed in all economic sectors. It is also important to shed light on the procedures recently undertaken by the Egyptian government in attracting new investors and providing a proper return on investments. This starts from the legislative amendments, creating a new tax system and unified investment law, and helping major investor to work in all investments.

El-Nahas expects the upcoming period to witness change in Egypt’s investment map, with intense promotion for the projects the government intends to start working in. Some of these projects include the new administrative capital, the Suez Canal Axis development projects, and energy projects, as well as other national projects that are anticipated to have a positive impact on the national economy.

She added that the banking sector can play an efficient role in promoting investment in Egypt. It is considered one of the most important bodies with all the available capabilities to reach a large number of investors, and attract them to invest in the local market by promoting the proposed projects in different sectors abroad. Topmost of these projects are the projects of solar energy, transportation, chemical and petroleum industries, and construction.

El-Nahas explained that the banking sector can play that role, as it is considered one of the most important sectors in the Egyptian economy that efficiently contributes to supporting the national economy. Moreover, it achieved a significant growth and maintained the stability of economy, financially. It further contributed to the stability of the exchange market through its wide experiences that allow it to carry out that mission.

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