Germany updates travel warning for Egypt

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Germany’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs updated its warnings for travellers coming to Egypt, identifying an “increased” risk in the country.

The travel warning advises tourists to exercise caution throughout Egypt, but maintains that the “vast majority” of German travellers face no problems in the country. The travel warning highlights recent “terrorist” attacks across Egypt, including the 11 July bombing of the Italian consulate in downtown Cairo, claimed by “Islamic State”.

The travel warning recognises ongoing violence in North Sinai by “State of Sinai”, affiliated with  “Islamic State”, including the 1 July attacks around Sheikh Zuweid which, according to the government, killed at least 21 security personnel.

Despite the majority of attacks by militant groups targeting state and military institutions, the travel warning notes attacks including the 10 June attack at the cultural-tourist site of Karnak Temple in Luxor, and the 3 June attack which killed a policeman near the Giza pyramids.



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