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‘We are under siege’: Sheikh Zuweid police officer

Dozens killed in major clashes in North Sinai between army and "State of Sinai" militants

Photo Army Handout
Photo Army Handout

“State of Sinai” militants staged multiple attacks at security checkpoints in Sheikh Zuweid on Wednesday, followed by an intensive fight between the army and militants in the North Sinai city, leaving unconfirmed numbers of deaths on both sides.

The fighting was ongoing at the time of print, as reported by the military spokesperson. The latest official army numbers were not announced at time of print.

Health Ministry spokesperson Hossam Abdel Ghaffar refused to give Daily News Egypt a prompt count of the deaths, saying “only the military spokesperson is authorised to speak of army casualties”.

Media outlets have reported conflicting reports on the number of casualties, ranging between 30 and 70 deaths, most of them citing official medical sources.

During the day, militants managed to surround Sheikh Zuweid police station.

“We are under siege, the militants didn’t storm inside it so far; the town hasn’t fallen in the hands of militants or else I wouldn’t be speaking to you right now,” Colonel Mohamed Soliman told Daily News Egypt in a phone call from inside the station.

Later in the afternoon, he said police were attempting to break through, and gunfire was heard on the background.

Soliman could not provide details on the numbers of casualties in Sheikh Zuweid, but confirmed that several policemen died at the checkpoint outside the police station.

The clashes erupted between armed forces and “Islamic State” affiliated group, “State of Sinai”, starting 6:30 am Wednesday morning.

Around midday, Sinai-based journalist Mostafa Singer told Daily News Egypt that “Sheikh Zuweid is currently out of security control”.

Among the checkpoints attacked were Al-Refaie, Al-Masoura and Al-Sadot. According to news reports, all security personnel in the Al-Refaie checkpoint were killed.

Lands mines were reportedly planted on roads in Sheikh Zuweid, preventing support from reaching the trapped security forces in the city.

Soliman said they asked for outside support, but at the time of the call (2 pm), support had not arrived yet. Later, media reported that attempts to break the siege were succeeding.

The armed forces posted photos taken from above while targeting militant’s vehicles with a fighter jet. The quality of the photos made it difficult to extract any details from them.

Contrary to earlier military reports, North Sinai militants said in statements, that went viral through social media accounts affiliated with the group, that they have hit more than 15 security targets, most of which are checkpoints.

A North Sinai resident said that the attacks, which all occurred at the same time, were some of “the biggest in Sheikh Zuweid”. He added that the ambulances carrying the injured and the deaths are unable to move as they are trapped in the area of the Sheikh Zuweid police station.

The resident said the road between Al-Arish and Sheikh Zuweid was blocked, and that there are reports of a large number of deaths on both sides. Many civilians lost their lives as a result of the clashes, he added.


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  • Al Masry

    Good report Mr. Mean Zaky. ISIS surrounded our police station and took our police personnel as captive. They will bargain for Morsi release and then cut their throats. We need to declare war ASAP and start killing to save life..

    • omega pal

      Since a coup d’Etat you have declared a war on any MB members indiscriminately, death sentence and torture of his members.All this to Al-fatah to show that is fighting terrorism which in reality does exist in historic conflict region of SINAI and nothing to do with MB members who are part in political process.And you agree with AL-Fatah bluntly without any assessment of Fatah political agenda and all lies report by El-sisi government and Egypt military members.Slowly see where Egypt is going. Another Syria style is underway if Egypt Government does not change a cap to initiate an inclusive dialogue and stop presenting MB as enemy of Egypt forgetting that they are also Egyptians what will come next even your dictator el-SISI is not immune.Injustice has been part of your region and confusion is what you drink daily.Do not think to come to Europe after you are supporting a dictator for immigration.Europe cannot even take charge of Syrians for Egyptians it is going to be worst.
      You lost a gold age to not live in such situation after revolution but Mubarak members , Saudia arabia and El-sisi political calculation is turning biter for all Egyptians.

      • agenius

        & who the heck wants to go to europe? your continent is crumbling from the bottom up (or do you not follow the news in Greece?) and you think you’re better than everyone else? come back in ten years when your America’s bi%ch and talk : )

      • Al Masry

        No, we love our president for crushing Islamists terrorists like BH of Kazabeens and salafies. We accepted 1.5 million Pal refugees in Gaz and they must live by our laws.

        • omega pal

          No one can take you away to not like your president.It is your right.But Mubarak was also love by all Egyptians what happen in 2011.”the crushing you are talking about did not start with El-SISI they have survived and won freely elections. Your President of coup d’etat is taking Egypt in the abyss.Terrorism was before ,and during Morsi presidency and will be as always in SINAI.Fatah to use it as excuse and crush everybody include MB for political game will not help him.Today events show his failure to curse terrorism and will never work as far as he still using terrorism for political game to crush everybody. Slowly Egypt is going in dark age and live you guys between Dictatorship and Insurgency.Social justice and dignity are gone.No one is talking anymore about democracy in Egypt, In vain sacrifice in 2011 revolution.

  • heshie

    I cannot understand why the strong Egyptian army cannot take out these thugs….

    • George

      They are taking them out. Just go on the armed forces Facebook page and enjoy the show !

      Do not rely on the foreign press to tell you that. Most are left or hard left activists allied with the terrorists and doing their best to destroy our morale to destabilize the state.

      I’d like to hear one plausible reason why they wouldn’t act that way.

      Rather readt the talkbacks. There is a huge majority supporting us (except the guardian and AJ of course)and accusing those attacking or harming us in the media to be complicit with the terrorists.

  • Al Masry

    No army in the world defeated guerrilla war. Only way to to fight them the same way and undermine their claims. Weapon smuggling by fishermen and Iranian mini-subs must end. Please flood all the underground tunnels network. Tahya Misr.

  • Al Masry

    Ancient Egyptians used brutal force and cut captives’ ears t o market them. They called them the savages and that is th eway we should treat them.

    • George

      I am all for cutting their ears or worse.

  • George

    Hey daily news ! you should be ashamed of your treachery headline that declares the the whole Sheikh Zuweid city was under siege when your own article deep down several paragraphs states that what was under siege was not the city but the police station.
    I suppose in your eyes press freedom includes using misleading headlines to wilfully harm your country’s morale.
    You continue to quote the various lies on the army casualties quoting various hugely exagerated numbers from 64 to 70 that the foreign press bandied around to destroy our morale.. The army has declared 17 martyrs and you are implying that’s a lie. The names of the martyrs have been released and their hugely attended funerals have happened in every corner of the country. How is it possible to argue there are additional soldiers killed that were not officially declared by the army ? Wouldn’t the families of those soldiers ask publically about theirs sons whereabouts ? Wouldn’t we know ?
    Besides many terrorists were wearing army uniforms as the dirty cowards they are and may have been mistaken as dead soldiers although even that would not be possible since I am sure none of our soldiers have such ugly monstrous faces and looks.

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