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Turkish news agency closes Cairo office

Anadolu staff members deny Al Jazeera report that Egyptian government forced closure

Anadolu Agency’s Cairo office has been closed by the Turkish news outlet’s management, to give it more freedom in their editorial policy
Anadolu Agency’s Cairo office has been closed by the Turkish news outlet’s management, to give it more freedom in their editorial policy

Anadolu Agency’s Cairo office has been closed by the Turkish news outlet’s management, to give it more freedom in their editorial policy, sources told Daily News Egypt.

Inaugurated in 2012, the Garden City-based office of the international news agency employed over 70 members of staff, and was the agency’s largest Middle East and African bureau. Anadolu has made no official statement about the closure, but two individuals who worked at the office told Daily News Egypt that a smaller office of around five staff members will remain.

One of the members of staff from the closed office denied an Al Jazeera report that the office was closed due to direct pressure from Egyptian authorities, but suggested it was to be facilitate more critical coverage. The Al Jazeera report, which he said was “not credible”, had suggested the closure came after increasing hostilities from Egyptian authorities in recent months, such as refused permits to staff.

“The Turkish management decided to shut down the regional office for financial reasons and to give the coverage more editorial freedoms. The large office attracted attention, actually Anadolu will still operate, but from a much smaller location,” the staff member told Daily News Egypt. They suggested that the relationship with the Egyptian authorities was more indirect.

“They wanted to move the Egypt reporting to Istanbul, because the Cairo office was responsible for publishing everything with the word ‘Egypt’ in it,” the source said, who was made redundant as part of the closure.

Relations between Turkey and Egypt have been strained since the ouster of former president Mohamed Morsi’s government, which was strongly supported by the ruling Justice and Development Party of Turkish president Recep Tayyip Erdogan. Erdogan has continuously spoke out against the current Egyptian government.

Following the issuance of a death sentence against Morsi and 121 others in May, Erdogan said: “I have consistently said at international platforms that I do not accept Sisi as the president…To me, the president of Egypt is not Sisi, it is still Morsi.”

Hazem Badr, a head of reporting at the Cairo office, also confirmed via Facebook that the move was undertaken for various reasons, with the relationship with the Egyptian government only one aspect.

“In three years of the office working we never had any threat from Egyptian security agencies,” Badr said. “The only difficulties we faced were occasionally due to the stance of the Turkish government towards Egypt.”


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  • Intellectualist

    The clock is ticking. Cash in Morsi before the election for his highest value.

  • ‘Erdem Luca’ Brasi

    egypt is going downhill and will be torn apart. Bad things are coming, just wait.

  • Hussain Almousawi

    No. It is not for Egypt “going down hill” but Turkey who is loosing more friends in the Middle East..giving to the scandal of smuggling arms to terrorist in Syria, which would have sever consequences for the Turkish leadership in the coming election next week.
    The is so strange, to know that this scandal exposed by the Turkish army!
    where no one can do such inspection operation of the trucks, but only the Turkish army. And by law, no one has the authority to move arms, but ONLY the Turkish army.
    What is obvious here that, the army has no official information on this consignment at all, where is this from? and heading to where? This matter on the militarily point is very serious! It is a militarily perspective, not a political one. Than to prove immediately that President Erdogan and his prime minister Oghluo, knew on this subject because both have expressed their severe anger and discomfort for his discovery
    This arms smuggling beneath medecen containment, is really something, the Turkish authorities have to answer for, without the knowledge of the army, in the military concept, is directed against the Turkish army and the national security regardless to the point of direction to the shipment either within the country or outside. It is definitely a task given ONLY to the army NOT any one else, not just only from the militarily side, but the constitutional.
    Who violate the Constitution and cause danger to the homeland considered a traitor by LAW
    The question: Who had informed the armed forces about this shipment? And who had arranged to video the process of detection and passed it to the most important newspaper in Turkey?
    Maybe we will not get an answer to this question and perhaps time will take care to answer, but this shows us that Turkey is boiling from the inside including the military services, and tells us that something is (so large) will happen in Turkey in the near future. This scandal is a painful punch prominent and dangerous with sever bruises in the head and eyes, (looks too bad) of the Turkish system, on the top, the president and his prime minister that would have sever consequences. We will wait!

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