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3 judges killed, 2 others injured hours after Morsi’s death sentence

Reports on the death of the fourth circulated in North Sinai, says resident

Three judges were killed in an attack on the Al-Arish-Rafah international road Saturday morning as they were heading to a North Sinai court.

A North Sinai resident told Daily News Egypt that of the four judges travelling together, four people were killed, including a driver and one judge  was severely injured. He added that reports circulated that the fourth died after sustaining injuries as well.

The incident comes after ousted former president Mohamed Morsi was handed a preliminarily death sentence Saturday morning, and his papers referred to Egypt’s Grand Mufti. The final verdict will be issued on 2 June.

The attack has yet to be claimed by any group. However, “State of Sinai”, formerly known as Ansar Beit Al-Maqdis, is known to be the most active militant group in the area responsible for almost all attacks in North Sinai.

The armed forces have been engaged in a “war” with the Sinai-based militants since Morsi’s ouster in July 2013. Each party seeks the elimination of the other.

The militant group targets security personnel, their facilities and anyone collaborating with the army.

Several North Sinai tribes announced last week in a conference their stance against North Sinai militants with the Egyptian government and the armed forces.


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  • Dessie Deratta

    Egypt is turning into one of the most savage dictatorships on Earth.

    • Clinton

      God bless every one. just because someone hate does not mean I have to. If I do then I m the same.

    • peteserb

      because of the president…..barrack Obama

  • amanirayan

    Morsi did nothing illegal, he did what the constitution allowed him to do, whether right or wrong. You govern according to your constitution. However, sisi is worse than even Morsi he is a dictator, he was elected after becoming a dictator with no real opposotion. Let the Egyption people now suffer under sisi. I used to go regularly on holiday there but no more, not while this idiot is in power.

    • 5topAmnesty

      If he followed their constitution he would still be in power. He was OVERTHROWN for a reason.

  • shaharul shafie

    Yess.. kill all the corrupted judges in Egypt. support that to serve as
    warning for them to choose either money from Sisi or sniper by the
    people. So these judges will think through about being unjust to the
    people. United States and the West must push the Sisi regime not to make
    things worst. Don’t blame terrorism itself if regime like Sisi is
    acting to provoke the people to choose guns to fight. I hate extremist like ISIS but I also hate govt regime who does not care how to put the fire down. Sisi should be the target by Isis and not the United States and the West. This so called Sisi is the reason why Islamists extremist is attacking the West. So now, Obama do your best to secure the safety of the Americans by removing this Sisi guy. United States must rejected Sisi and let the extremist finally realised that they are actually in war with this Sisi and regime like orthodox Saudi and not with the West!

  • robin

    Morsi however repugnant is still the democratically elected president of Egypt. He does not deserve to be executed. Mubarak was tame compared to sisi…and he did dome pretty bad things when he was in charge. Why isn’t he getting the death sentence? Let us truly pray for justice to come to this country again. At the moment sisi is doing the job of netanyahu and Obama and I doubt he will be moved out of office unless the people rise up or he is assinated. But I think it will need another all out revolution to change things. Its a pity. I am assisting tourists to come to Sinai. Now I say don’t go. 2000 tourists should b going to Sinai this DEC . but now they won’t go. Who benefits? Who loses?

    • 5topAmnesty

      “Mubarak was tame compared to sisi…”

      Perhaps you should have considered that BEFORE you guys dumped Mubarak.

      • End Mubarak Morsi Sisi cycle

        The hope was to break the cycle of savages. Sisi didn’t have a personality cult back when the terrorist Mubarak was being overthrown and there were no obvious signs that he was going to be crammed down the country’s throat. Stockholm Syndrome is not an viable answer to the problem of primitive and barbaric government. Many democracies have been established through nonviolent changes, so the Tahrir protests were justified in trying to break about a new epoch.
        If you are being exhorted and assaulted by a thug, giving into him simply because he states that he will bring in a worse thug just keeps the problem going.

  • 5topAmnesty

    Sounds like Sissy got it right. The people that support Morsi are simply COLD BLOODED KILLERS.

  • “The armed forces have been engaged in a “war” with the Sinai-based militants since Morsi’s ouster in July 2013.”

    Of what I know, the war started many years before the ouster.

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