Mondelēz will achieve 3rd-party food safety certification in 2015

Shaimaa Al-Aees
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UntitledMondelēz international is one of the major snack companies in the world. The company has achieved revenues of nearly $ 35bn in 2012. Mondelēz operates in 165 countries around the world.

Mondelēz is a leading company in the manufacture of high quality products and well-known global leader in chocolate, biscuits, chewing gum, candy, dried and drinks, and coffee. It includes brands such as Cadbury, Cadbury Dairy Milk, Jacobs coffee, Nabisco, Oreo, powdered Tang drink, and Trident.

Mondelēz international is one of the 500 top companies on Standard & Poor’s list, and on a list of 100 companies on the NASDAQ Stock Market.

In an interview with Daily News Egypt, Corporate & Government Affairs Manager in Egypt and the Levant for Mondelēz Foods Egypt Ola Loutfi discussed the company’s plans.

What is the story of Mondelēz Foods in Egypt?

Mondelēz Foods Egypt is part of Mondelēz International group of companies. Its has had a presence in Egypt since 1998.

The company in Egypt has 9 brands: Cadbury Dairy Milk, Flake, Moro, Tang, Oreo, Tuc, Trident, Clorets, Eclaires and Halls. We also have our local brands such as Mandolin, Gersy, Rasco and Jelly Cola.

What are the company’s profits and sales?

The company, in addition to its products spread in the Egyptian market, it also exports to more than 22 countries in the region. Export value has reached over $55m in 2013, and we expect an increase of exports to 50% in the results of the company’s profit and revenues of 2014.

What is the company 2015 plan?

We seek to keep our consumers and our employees safe.

The company focuses more on products to maintain their quality and on consumer requirements and increased market share.

We focus on investing in communities. Over the next several years, we are investing $50m in community partnerships to promote healthy lifestyle programmes, focused on nutrition education and promoting active lifestyles.

In addition, focusing on corporate social responsibility (CSR) projects aimed at serving the community and preservation of the environment.

Untitled4What are the company’s opportunities?

The Egyptian market is promising, and represents a good opportunity to increase market share growth, and discover more of the consumer’s requirements and thus access to different and new segments of customers.

Another opportunity is represented in human labour; Egypt has human labour that we can invest in it to meet the developing business requirements and challenges of the current phase.

Production requirements are available in the local market, and this is considered one of the major factors that supports investment opportunities and provides a favourable environment for production at competitive prices.

What are the impediments to investment in Egypt?

Increased investment is one of the economic growth indicators, so most governments actively seek to eliminate obstacles to increase investments rates.

The government should make plans to not only attract investments, but also maintain, develop and create an atmosphere of stability at all levels. We can also quote the successful experiences globally to create productive communities that can compete on the international level, such as the Chinese model, which founded communities working on major industries and all complementary industries through trained and specialised employees. From here comes the production at competitive prices, as it bridges the gap between the developed and marginalised countries.

Lack of daily operating factors: electricity, diesel, gas, and water regularly adversely affect the productive energy of companies.

In addition, bureaucracy is one of the obstacles that stand in the way of rapid development.

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