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US holds Egypt, UAE responsible for Libyan airstrikes

Libyan and Egyptian Foreign Ministers deny any interference

Both the United States Pentagon and State Department said on Tuesday that Egypt and the United Arab Emirates are behind recent foreign attacks in Libya that left civilians dead.

Earlier this month foreign planes bombed Libya; the Misrata forces, an alliance of Islamist militants, blamed Egypt and UAE.

Admiral John Kirby said that the US is certain that there were airstrikes undertaken in recent days by the UAE and Egypt inside Libya “in some fashion”. His country gained this information following a second strike, he said.

He added that the US objects to dealing with militants in this way as it does not want “more violence on top of violence that’s already existing inside Libya.”

Spokesperson for the US State Department Jen Psaki also acknowledged that the US “understands” Egypt and UAE are behind the attacks, yet denied that her country had had any recent talks with either of them about the incident.

She later said on Twitter: “Comment today on Libya intended to refer to countries reportedly involved, not speak for them.”

On Tuesday, the Libyan Foreign Minister Mohamed Abdel Aziz said that reports of Egyptian military involvement in Libya are “untruthful rumours”, state-run Al-Ahram reported.

Egyptian Foreign Minister Sameh Shoukry called all published reports regarding Egyptian military action in Libya are “pure fabrication” and denied receiving any official information about this topic. He stressed during a meeting with the Libyan head of parliament, foreign minister, and military chief that Egypt fully respects the will of the Libyan people and supports the unity of Libya.

Egyptian President Abdel Fattah Al-Sisi had previously denied that the bombing planes were Egyptian or that there had been any Egyptian interference.

The US, Germany, Italy, France, and the UK had issued a joint statement on Monday saying that “outside interference in Libya exacerbates current divisions and undermines Libya’s democratic transition.”

Egypt’s hosted Monday the fourth ministerial meeting for Libya’s neighbouring countries in which foreign ministers from Libya, Tunisia, Algeria, Sudan and other countries discussed the ongoing turmoil in Libya. The foreign ministers and the head of the Arab League stressed during the meetings their concern for preserving the “unity and sovereignty” of Libya.

The Muslim Brotherhood issued a statement on Sunday that warned the Egyptian military against involvement in the conflict in Libya to avoid “catastrophic consequences”. The Egyptian military’s involvement in the conflict “to fulfil foreign agendas” is a threat to national security, ruins the military’s reputation, and weakens its ability to face “real enemies”, the outlawed group said.

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  • Hate MB

    The US should Shut there mouth! I Dont Think they are in the right position to accuse EGYPT of anything!!! They are the last Ones to speak about interfere!!

  • Maher hanna

    US should be thankful that,there is someone is doing its job.
    Either if it’s egypt doing that or other country,it doesn’t matter. Because that’s a big job cleaning the Middle East from militants,and protecting the world from these rubbish
    US,please do the whole world a favor and get back on the right track like before.

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  • Mark Page

    ‘He added that the US objects to dealing with militants in this way as it
    does not want “more violence on top of violence that’s already existing
    inside Libya.”’
    Translation: “We told ’em to do it, and our allies don’t mind cos we give ’em so many bombs and bullets”.

    Today the Whitehouse announced it will be resuming air-strikes on Syria (which could ignite into WW3 in a matter of weeks should the conditions appear), not just IS mind – like they first said, but now include Assad forces in their cross-hairs. No doubt the proxy NATO army called IS will not suffer a single strike when the bombs start falling.

    Seems like Russia has out manoeuvred them in Ukraine by hanging onto the Black Sea port so it’s back to Syria and their only Mediterranean port, for nothing more than to provoke a shooting war between NATO and Russia. Insanity.

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  • Reda Sobky

    If the US administration cannot deal with the consequences of its actions, it is best to let others deal with them. I am not sure what “holds responsible” means…why shouldn’t they have responsibility, why is it that the US wants to hog the theatre while doing nothing. Susan Rice is incapable of action just threatening friends and rewarding enemies, a kind of keystone foreign policy, truly amazing to watch as a US citizens and not marvel at the ignorance and bad judgement, wasting treasure and most precious of all, life and limb. How do people like Rice and Power rise to this level in total defiance of the Peter Principle except through the meritocracy of the think tanks who posture for each other and try to sound smart but fall short big time misapprehending the construction of the situation and creating false dichotomies such as in Iraq, Syria, Libya, Yemen…etc.and then getting lost in the jungle and making it the fault of the jungle? There is a very big difference between knowing about the subject and being able to sound smart when discussing it and the actual practice of a successful foreign policy,-remind me of the previous failed crew, what was the name of the last group? neocons and they sure were, and these are neokeystones and they are really performing it at our expense and lives.

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