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Libyan army advances against IS militia

Regaining control of Al-Meraysa is strategic gain for army as militants were…

Ahmed Abbas Ahmed Abbas

Al-Sisi decree establishes ‘forbidden’ areas along Egypt’s borders

Law intended to stabilise "sensitive regions, where people could have hostile intentions",…

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Egypt calls for ‘return of the Libyan capital’

Libyan government orders military to retake Tripoli, calls for civil disobedience in…

Joel Gulhane Joel Gulhane

US holds Egypt, UAE responsible for Libyan airstrikes

Libyan and Egyptian Foreign Ministers deny any interference

Aya Nader Aya Nader

Egyptian shot dead at Tunisian-Libyan border, Algeria to open border for Egyptians

1,200 Egyptians entered Tunisia Friday, fleeing the violence in Libya, says Tunisian…

Eduard Cousin Eduard Cousin

Libya militias say they have left Tripoli

The Al-Qaaqa Brigade said it had handed back to the authorities a…

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100 Egyptians rumoured to be missing in Libya

Missing Egyptians thought to have disappeared close to where dozens of Egyptian…

Joel Gulhane Joel Gulhane

Libyan PM freed after several hours held by militia

Gunmen seized Prime Minister Ali Zeidan in Tripoli Thursday and held him…

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Troops backed by militia battle rebels around Damascus

Fierce clashes broke out on the edges of the Syrian capital on…

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Facial hair and a weapon

A beard and a police uniform! Religious righteousness will have authority and…

Rana Allam Rana Allam