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Al-Sisi meets with US Congressman Darrell Issa

US Congressman Darrell Issa holds talks with Al-Sisi over regional developments and events, including Gaza conflict and "terrorism"

Chairman of the House of Representative’s Oversight and Government Reform Committee met with Al-Sisi last September when the latter was still Minister of Defence. (Photo from the Armed Forces Facebook Page)
Chairman of the House of Representative’s Oversight and Government Reform Committee met with Al-Sisi last September when the latter was still Minister of Defence. (Photo from the Armed Forces Facebook Page)

President Abdel Fattah Al-Sisi met with a delegation from the US House of Representatives headed by Congressman Darrell Issa Sunday  at the Itihadiya Palace, state-own MENA news agency reported.

Issa arrived in Cairo on Saturday for a two-day visit, in a meeting that marks the first of its kind since Al-Sisi’s inauguration as president. He held talks with senior Egyptian officials over recent regional developments and ongoing events, especially the Israeli attacks in the Gaza strip.

Issa and Al-Sisi also discussed the turmoil in Sinai and along the Libya-Egypt border, and looked into how to “fight terrorism”. Issa added that he and his fellow congressmen will look into providing Egypt with more aid in light of “the terrorism threat”.

The visit came shortly after Al-Sisi’s talks with Russian president Vladimir Putin last Tuesday, in which the presidents planned to enhance Egypt-Russia relations.

According to state-owned Al-Ahram newspaper, Egypt’s current talks with Russia are due to finalise an approximately $3bn (EGP 21bn) weapons agreement.

In their meeting, Issa assured Al-Sisi the US is not threatened by Egypt’s visit to Russia, saying “our relationship is strong, ongoing, and will strengthen in the upcoming period”, Al-Ahram reported.

Following Al-Sisi’s visit to Russia, a US State Department deputy spokesperson said on Tuesday, “Egypt is free to have relationships with whoever it wants.” She also called the US-Egypt relationship “strong and strategic”.

Al-Sisi previously received Issa back in September when Al-Sisi was still Minister of Defence, where they discussed strategic relations between the two counties.

“While popularly elected, President Morsi’s government curtailed freedom of religion and equal rights for the Egyptian people as the country’s economy fell into a drawn out period of stagnation,” Issa stated in July 2013, the day Al-Sisi ousted former presiden Mohamed Morsi. “Real democracy is about more than just one election – it requires a framework of justice and respect for the rights of all.”

The US had temporarily suspended its military aid to Egypt in October of last year. Following Al-Sisi’s election for presidency in June, the US unfroze nearly $1.5 billion of it.

Issa and Al-Sisi reportedly talked about military-relations in their last meeting, as Issa maintained that the US will continue to provide Egypt’s army with military training and weapons, Al-Ahram said.

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  • Reda Sobky

    it is clear that the current Republican leadership has a much clearer view of events in the middle east than the current administration and since they are likely to capture the senate, I think they are capable of limiting the damage Rice and Powers are producing to US standing and success in the middle east. The group controlling US policy has been an abysmal failure and even though I have been a lifelong demo voter, I have to make this admission. Fuzzy thinking, naive perceptions and enemy generation, rewarding enemies and punishing friends, falling for the deposed line, indeed supporting and bolstering crypto terrorists and religionists on and on. A wish there was a way for Obama to self asses and self correct but I just don’t seem him doing it…and the think “septic” tanks seem as off in their views of the middle east-MaCain has sounded the alarm on these matters multiple times and his words hit the mark, a clean-out is needed in US national security policy. A fresh look can be taken and maybe US policy can change when the republicans win as the Obama of the Cairo address has become a symbol of betrayal and failure and the days of speeches are long gone. Now it is genocide in progress on the ground as we watch horrified and unable to act. Women as booty, mass murder, child execution, forced conversion and barrel bombs that is what it has come down to-act or be culpable before history.

    • Mike Sholen

      I want you to know that I have been following some of your commentary on here and I love your contributions. So there is nothing personal in what I am about to say.
      We quickly forget that the Republicans let down the Arab World too. In fact, it is Bush’s administration that began talks with Muslim Brotherhood circa 2004-2005 in helping to create the now-defunct and highly exposed Greater Middle East Project. Bipartisan politics remains illusory and the District of Columbia is purely run by the military-industrial complex and USA’s own Deep State in creating unified and hostile ME policy regardless of the president’s party colors/skin color. Obama now has no role to play but agent of chaos. The next president could be an independent but will prove to be antagonistic to the ME.
      In the words of the late Saddam Hussein, these are modern-day Mongols. And whether the commander-in-chief is Ghenghis Khan Hulegu Khan or Barack HUSSEIN Obama they will remain antagonistic to the ME and opportunists of chaos until they have been vanquished. The ME cannot remain defensive and expect to survive this onslaught.

      • Reda Sobky

        Dear Mike, I agree up to the Mongol analogy. I would use the metaphor of the misguided giant that when self regulated can produce greater good but when gripped with fear and greed that same giant size power becomes a bull in a china shop and the self damage that this produces is also paid for by the US people in lives and treasure and now remorse and regret over Iraq. Conscience is alive and well in the US but is always overshadowed by think tank (cesspools) of bad judgement and ruthless recommendations that disregard ethics and good intentions that are then called “US interests in the area”. Kind people in the US with personal integrity and ethics abound but not in foreign policy as debate is stifled and the narrative controlled and in the lead up to Iraq I witnessed reporters being accused of being unpatriotic and fired when the government felt threatened. Finally, leadership can bring out the best and the worst in people and this period has been more of the latter.

        • Egyptian American

          Again, Reda, the whole “Americans are good, it’s just their government is bad” argument is wholly unsubstantiated and wishfully delusional. We must be honest with ourselves. They are both bad. The entire society is anathema to our own and peaceful coexistence with this abomiNATION is increasingly slipping. I really don’t think anyone would miss America and Americans if they were finished off. They’d just be a 200 year old blemish on the pages of history.
          Certainly, you will think me crazy and extremist for this but has this lie we’ve been telling ourselves as Egyptians really made us allies with the US and fostered intersocietal coexistence and understanding? We call them peaceful, ethical and generous, whereas they know us as terrorist, sexual harasser, barbarian. We kid no one but our own selves while we withdraw increasingly to isolationism, reflection, then extremism. How about we engage them directly?

          • Egyptian American

            BTW, Americans are good but their govt is bad….

            Where do they get the people to populate the seats of govt in DC? From the American people.

            Where do they get the soldiers to send to Iraq and Afghanistan to fight their wars? From the American people

            It is Americans who are a little schizo.

            Perfect example is Obama’s “New Beginnings” speech in Cairo. He says one thing and when he sees you are down, will offer you a hand only with a dagger. This is America. This is the American people and this is its culture.

    • Al Masry

      Nonsense! It is the Republicans Congress and Bush presidents who missed up ME policy and endangered the national security and interest. Obama is trying to correct those damages as long as possible.

    • Al Masry

      What is the Republican leadership you are talking about. Your argument is hollow and empty to start with. LOL

  • sam enslow

    I have never read garbage like the comments below this. The Arab world is in a mess because of the actions and inactions of the Arabs themselves. It makes no difference what the US does nor doesn’t do. It will be criticised by Arabs as playing policeman to the world or of indifference to their suffering. What, exactly, are they doing for themselves?
    Syria was to be a problem solved by the Arab League. They then turned the matter to the UN where Russia blocked any action. The people of Egypt elected Moray (because he was not Shafiq). Morsey received no special treatment from the White House, not even an invitation. I would think had the US gotten rid of him that would be considered unacceptable interference in Egypt’s internal affairs. The Arab League asked NATO to get involved in Libya even though they have the air forces and armies that could have dealt with the problem themselves. Arab leaders travel to the US tibsay one thing and then return and tell their people something else. If aid is given, the worst possible motives are ascribed to it. It is the job of the Arab world to solve its problems.

    • Reda Sobky

      Blame is not the issue, what is at issue is how things can move from the mess they are in towards some semblance of stability and ALL have to cooperate and coordinate otherwise the fertile crescent will be lost to a barbarian religious gangster state and ALL will pay if this does not succeed literally everybody will suffer including Europe and the USA and if they don’t know it then they are dumber or blinder than we expected and the bad sequence that can cascade out of this will happen. At this point, one could say, we are all in this together and failure will be a big loss for all regardless of blame for past deeds or misdeeds and having a genocide happening on your watch, in media, in your face, admitted by the perpetrators who persist in their behavior and broadcast it, what is left? If the players don’t line up it will be remembered and for this president it will completely and utterly overshadow what he thinks his legacy is. Even you, need to be cognizant of what is happening to these victims on pain of losing your humanity, the sideline is gone, no just watching-either you are going to let the genocide happen or you are going to intervene: do you hear this Obama, Kerry, Rice and Powers-do it or live with the horror knowing you did nothing. All what is needed for evil to triumph is for kind people to be passive and I know they are there are high integrity people serving such Levin, Feinstein, McCain Saunders and dozens more but no real leader to galvanize them into a stand like the stand the world should have taken the night of the burning crystals at the beginning of the persecution and genocide in Europe.

      • sam enslow

        You cannot help people who are nit willing to help themselves. Obama is doing far more than anyone else. The poison of sectarian hatreds is a tool of cheap politicians and affects not only the Middle East. In Congo Christians are killing Muslims, Buddhist are killing Muslims in old Burma. Muslims and Hindus kill each other in India. Religious leaders have become sellers of hate and intolerance combined with fear.
        The US is doing what it can. It cannot put boots on the ground because they would be shot by the very people they want to protect. The fight can be won, but only when the people involved want it to be won. These hatreds are old. A reading of TE Lawrence will show how old they are. They were not caused by the West.
        Guns cannot win this war. The clerics of all faiths could, but they remain silent especially when the bad actors claim to represent their faith. A Muslim can better argue theology with another Muslim as a Christian can be debate a Christian (and Christian hands are not clean either). Until village clerics teach people his to respect others holding different beliefs this struggle will continue, a struggle that is against the teachings if all religions.
        During the persecution of the Jews in Germany, the US was greatly influenced by the politics of the KKK which was at one of its peaks. They hate Jews, Catholics, Blacks – all in the name of Jesus. Most of the congresspeople who visit Egypt hate The Brothers, but they also hate all Muslims. They are the ones who rant about Shiria being imposed on America. McCain was very proud of being photographed with members of ISIL.
        When Obama spoke in Cairo, he said that the US was ready to help Egypt when Egypt says what it wants. The US can help. it cannot, contrary to local press, impose.

        • Johnny Applesauce

          God forbid Shiria be imposed in ‘Murika. Sammy, go git me my gun.

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  • Steve-O

    Would it be possible to return Issa back to the Egyptians? We’ll not insist on getting our money back, even though we got a deranged specimen…I know he’s from Lebanon, but I think Egypt will accommodate our request.

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