Egyptian army demolishes 20 tunnels, bringing total to 1659

Daily News Egypt
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The Egyptian military has demolished an additional 20 tunnels between Sinai and Gaza, putting the total at 1659 tunnels destroyed, announced the armed forces spokesman on Friday.

The Second Field Army also announced that it had arrested three Palestinian nationals while they were “attempting to sneak into Egyptian territory.” While patrolling Sinai the military also recovered three unlicensed motorcycles, weapons, and drugs.

The armed forces also announced that it had arrested 59 Egyptians attempting to illegally cross the Libyan border and found vehicles carrying drugs and contraband.

The statement from the armed forces also said that it had made further efforts to control Egypt’s southern border with Sudan.

Last week the military said it had demolished three tunnels amid security raids against militants in the volatile peninsula. Tunnels in North Sinai are often used by smugglers to cross the border to the Gaza Strip, where Israel is currently conducting airstrikes.

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