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Ethiopia committed to ‘genuine negotiations with Egypt’: Ethiopian minister - Daily News Egypt

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Ethiopia committed to ‘genuine negotiations with Egypt’: Ethiopian minister

Ethiopia prepared for “realisation of shared benefits and a win-win approach” with Egypt and GERD

Ethiopia is “committed to genuine negotiations with Egypt” in order to address the downstream nation's concerns about the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam (GERD) (Photo from Ethiopian Electric Power Cooperation)
Ethiopia is “committed to genuine negotiations with Egypt” in order to address the downstream nation’s concerns about the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam (GERD)
(Photo from Ethiopian Electric Power Cooperation)

Ethiopia is “committed to genuine negotiations with Egypt” in order to address the downstream nation’s concerns about the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam (GERD), said Ethiopian Minister of Foreign Affairs Tedros Adhanom.

Adhanom added that his country’s government was “always prepared to follow the path of equitable and reasonable utilisation of water resources of the Nile for the realisation of shared benefits and a win-win approach.”

The minister’s comments came in a statement issued by the Ethiopian foreign ministry on Friday comprising statements made by him to President of the Republic of Yemen Abdu Rebu Mansour Hadi in Sana’a following the end of the Fifth Joint Ministerial Commission meeting.

Tensions between Egypt and Ethiopia have persisted amid failed tripartite talks with Sudan regarding the GERD.

Adhanom also said the dam “was a landmark in Ethiopia’s march towards prosperity and sustainable development” and “the GERD would contribute greatly to the transformation of the economies and societies of all Nile basin countries including Egypt.”

Only one week before Egyptian Minister of Foreign Affairs Nabil Fahmy stated that he had yet to receive a response to suggestions he made to Adhanom regarding the GERD. The two had met in Brussels at the beginning of April on the sidelines of the fourth EU-Africa Summit.

Also last week, Prime Minister Ibrahim Mehleb said that Ethiopia had the right to produce electricity, but must do so without harming Egypt’s water security interests.

In March the Egyptian Ministry of Foreign Affairs announced its “official stance” on the GERD, also saying that it was seeking a “win-win” scenario that would protect Ethiopia’s developmental needs, Sudan’s interests and Egypt’s water security.

Tripartite talks were held between Egypt, Sudan, and Ethiopia in November, December and January but no agreement was reached. The talks focused on the formation of a committee to implement recommendations put forth by a report detailing confidence-building measures concerning the dam and its effect on downstream nations.

The latest talks concluded in February after failing to resolve the sticking points of the debate between the two countries.

Ethiopia’s ambassador to Egypt, Mahamoud Dirir, previously said that he doubted the need for mediation between the two countries, stressing the importance of constructive dialogue as the only alternative.

Dirir said that it was “naïve” to consider that the ties between the two countries should “solely be viewed through the prism of the Nile issue”, adding that “there are only two…countries in the entire world which are well-placed to mediate between Egypt and Ethiopia; and these are, of course, Ethiopia and Egypt themselves.”

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  • Alula Shocking Egypt

    Why are we only talking about Egypt, Ethiopia, and Sudan as if only these are the only country who need the Nile. Please, this is not an issue of three countries. This is an issue of about 11 countries. Egypt should be the least to talk about Nile because It neither contribute nor it has empathy to the other country. Stop talking about three countries if you are really talking sharing the water equally? The water must be divided into 11 countries and Egypt will get its share only. Anything less than this is a joke


      Well said my brother. like all your comments.you are a true son of mama Ethiopia.God bless you.

  • Seyoum Wubshet

    Ethiopia is a land of God fearing people. Without anybody telling us, we know how important is the Nile to the Egyptians. What We Ethiopians are saying all along is that we can use the water without affecting the down stream nations. And we are advocating that and its has been prove so far, the Electric dam project that are being constructed including the GERD can be beneficial to the region. To this end a Win-Win solution can be worked out.


      Please read Fanti Ghana’s post.

  • Alula Shocking Egypt

    what is win win? can you explain to me? Ethiopia does not need win win because there is nothing Ethiopia can gain or lose from Egypt? Because Egypt practically is not better than the 11 countries. It actually the least to be considered as important in regard to the water. Please explain what win win means? what Ethiopia lose or gain from Egypt? I am not able to understand what Ethiopia is winning from the mortal enemy ? We have a deep poverty and we have been living on hand outs for the past 45 years and no Egyptian or their likes came to help us. UN has to feed 6.5 million Ethiopians as I speak. What are winning from the Egypt Sir? Ethiopia has lost its entire water and its people are living in dire poverty because of draught and lack of water. People praying for God to give them rain. But the rain has failed for the last 45 years. Now our people are living without food, water, … We have one enemy and that is poverty. But poverty has a cause. There is no poverty without cause. It is cause and effect. You can not keep on talking about poverty as enemy without understanding the cause of our poverty. Since 1927 Emperor Haileslassie wanted to harness the Nile and had a National Marshal plan to build many dams for Irrigation and power generation. However, he faced obstruction by Egyptian and their slave masters. He has disputed with them about how much they have to pay to Ethiopia to use the water. There was no talk of right . Then they sabotaged and blocked funding and isolated Our emperor and he could not build the Dams he planned to build. This was long before many millions of Ethiopians perished by man made famine. If Egypt and her slave masters did not stop or sabotage and isolate Haileslassie from building the Dams long before the famine. Many millions of Ethiopians who perished by mass famine would not have died of starvation while their water was flowing to feed Egypt. The people of Ethiopia were praying day and night for rain and they are still praying day and night for rain. The about 90% Ethiopians farmers do not know God has given them more than rain on the surface of the ground and they do not need to pray because he has given them long ago before even their prayer. To add injuries up on injuries, they formed a rebel called EPLF in Cairo and sponsored a bloody rebel that immersed Ethiopia in 30 years bloody civil war. Millions of Ethiopians perished because of the bloody civil war sponsored and ignited by Egypt. Millions of Ethiopians became refugees, died across countries to flee from the war buffet Egypt provided to our people.There was no development almost 30 years in Ethiopia because of the bloody civil war Egypt has orchestrated against Ethiopian and they divided our people by creating Eritrea and they landlocked our country to weaken it and to control our water. To add more injuries on more injuries. Egypt has refused to join the NBI. The only country has refused to cooperate with all the Upper Riparian countries. Egypt walked out from talks and said it will not talk with Ethiopia anymore. Instead they decided to run amok like rabid dog across the world. They flew to Russia and asked Russian to stop investing in Ethiopia and to help them to stop the GERD. They flew to Italy and asked the Italian government to call out Italian companies and investors from Ethiopia and they asked Italian government to call out Salini from Ethiopia to stop GERD? They flew to China and asked China to stop investing in Ethiopia and to stop giving loan to Ethiopia? They went to Europe and asked all European countries to stop investing in Ethiopia and asked not to fund the GERD? They asked and demanded WB,IMF,… not to give Ethiopia a loan. They bought 3 billion worth Military Hardware to attack Ethiopia? They interfered in South Sudan civil war to use it for their own agenda? They sent spies into Ethiopia? They bought Satellite to monitor the GERD? Why do we need to talk with these human dogs? This is an ideology and you can change them. What are we talking with them? what are winning from them? There is no any gain for Ethiopia from these human dogs. They are human vultures who feed themselves on other dead humans . They have been feeding themselves on our dead body. They are the cause of our enemy poverty. Poverty has cause and the cause of our poverty is Egypt for us. We must defeat Egypt and we will defeat our poverty. There is no other way of defeating poverty without defeating Egypt the cause of our poverty. Please stop talking win win bla bla. As I speak our people are starving. We do not need Egyptian now and forever. We do not need them because they are cancer to our lives and our country. We do not need them and we need to tell them to leave us alone. Enough is enough now. No deal is the best deal with them. No talk with them is the best talk with them. No mediation is the best mediation with them. No win win is the best win for us. No right for Egypt is the best right for us. In the first place, it was wrong to invite them to have a say on the dam. They do not have any right in our land and in our country. It was wrong to invite them and to have a say on our Dam. It is still wrong to allow them to have a say on our affaires. Whatever we do in our county is our business because they have no business with us. No deal with them is the best deal. Do not give them any right which they never have had. No water for Egypt from Ethiopia. They have to pay for every drop of the water. Countries like South Africa are buying water from Losethu and DRC congo, USA is buying Canadian River water. There is nothing for free. No more free water.

  • iu

    I think at some point we have to change our stance regarding the use of Nile water. Ethiopia now and again confirmed to Egypt that the Dam is only meant for hydroelecticity … but … but if they are pushing us to another limit, then it is their fault. Therefore Ethiopia has to think about additional use of the water including irrigation … that might push the Egyptian to calm down otherwise they will find us in the other end.

    One point that has to be stressed … it is a mistake if Egyptian side think that Ethiopians will be divided on the issue of Nile … it can never happen. We might ideologically divided on internal issues but not to external forces. To confirm this (my advice for the Egyptian) read all the comments by the Ethiopians regarding Nile on any news. Compare this with comments on internal issues. You will get the picture 🙂 That is Ethiopia!!!

    • Alula Shocking Egypt

      iu: I agree with you. Actually the right thing to do now is to start another Dam for drinking and irrigation. you know our people have no access to clean water across the country. it is time to take more Loan from friendly countries and start others dams for irrigation, and drinking. Since there is no clean water across the country, we need to have one dam that serves for discharging clean water to all the regions via water grid. That means we need not only electric grid that electrifies Ethiopia. But also we need clean water grid that runs across the country and provide clean water to our water thirst villages. We must not waste time talking shit with these people. We must help our people.

  • iu

    Thank you my fellow Ethiopians on your unity on Nile issue and rejected the absurd stand of Egyptians.

  • Nile

    Here are the solid hard facts: Ethiopia wants to negotiate to win more time to further construct the Dam, with no intention of reaching an agreement. They just want to win time and to look good infront of the world.

    On the other hand, Ethiopia makes good press releases in the sort of “Ethiopia assures Egypt that the dam will not affect Egypt rights and needs in the Nile water”, but when you ask Ethiopia to put these good intentions and assurances in writing in an agreement between Egypt and Ethiopia, the answer is “NO”. This is clear enough to show that Ethiopia has different intentions than its sweat talking and emotional verbal assurances and promises.


    • Alula Shocking Egypt

      You have only one choice to none. Join the Entebbe agreement to share the water with the other 11 countries equally or none. Ethiopia has no obligation to enter into bilateral agreement on our water. You can not force us to sign agreement on a side. You are not better than any of the 11 countries. Yes, the case is closed . In the first place, it was wrong even to have a side talk. If you do not join the Entebbe you will lose all the water because you will not be considered a part of the basin family, period. Ethiopia will never do a side bilateral agreement that violates the Entebbe agreement. If you are not willing to share the water with the 11 countries? then you are claiming you own the water alone? if you are sure you own the water, you do not need any agreement or even talk about it because it is yours. We will use the water in our country with no need for Egypt.

      • Yacob

        I saw “Nile” on another forum. He’s just a propagandist who copy and pasted the same thing….the facts are wrong too, ahah that just makes this dude a joke.

    • Fanti Ghana

      Hello Nile,
      “Solid hard facts?”

      1. Ethiopia is not in a rush to build the dam for the reason you implied above, but to speed up the process of fighting poverty. The “solid hard fact” is actually contained in the following quote.
      “Most of the upstream countries have approved it [the Entebbe Agreement] through their parliaments. We delayed it as a gesture of
      goodwill to the people of Egypt until a formal elected government was in place,” Ethiopian government spokesman Bereket Simon told Reuters.

      Here is the link to that news:
      That was after Mubarek and before Mursi.

      2. Ethiopia means what it says about not intending to harm anyone, but it cannot possibly sign a separate “mini agreement” with Egypt while Egypt
      is refusing to accept the more inclusive Entebbe Agreement in the first place. Ethiopia rightly insists that any treaty regarding Nile related projects has to include all relevant parties. Egypt in the other hand wants to squeeze in the 1929 and 1959 treaties that excluded all the upper riparian countries by giving it a different name.

      We cannot prove one way or another what one’s intentions are, but we can at least look at the circumstantial evidences.
      a) The area where the dam is being built is not suitable for irrigation (it is a steep down hill surrounded by hills).
      b) Ethiopia has never broken any agreement with Egypt about
      anything whatsoever.
      c) Ethiopia benefits nothing by deceiving or antagonizing Egypt, and by
      implication, the Sudan.
      d) Ethiopia does have the diplomatic upper hand as of now, and it gains nothing by diluting it with unnecessary deceit.

      Nile: if you get a chance to look at how and when the GERD
      project talks started and where we are today, you will see that Ethiopia really went about this by the book, and there are no signs of any malice of any kind. Every voice counts. Let’s make it the right one!

  • Mohammed

    I do not understand why Ethiopia needs to negotiate on its own water, Seriously.

    • Yacob

      It doesn’t. But the Egyptians like to think they are a strong people that we’re BLESSED to live with…haha

  • Fanti Ghana

    Hello everyone,
    For decades, subsequent Egyptian governments have been tirelessly campaigning
    all over the world to block any form of investment, loan, and economic
    cooperation with Ethiopia. It has not stopped yet. In fact, their century old wrong premise about ‘how to control the Nile River’ has intensified in the past few
    months. As if the GERD is being built behind closed doors, and as if the Entebbe agreement wasn’t created precisely for that purpose, the Egyptian mass media recently “reassured” the Egyptian citizen by informing him/her that Egypt
    is launching a satellite to monitor the project. To what end? What do they
    expect to find that is not already explained in detail? Better yet, is this action a sign of someone who is trying to cooperate or someone who is trying to threaten and intimidate?

    Lately, Egyptian mass media, spearheaded by governmental and non-governmental entities, has been campaigning throughout the Arab world and beyond falsely accusing Ethiopia of threatening Egyptian livelihood. Almost every day, Egyptians are being told about the nearing of the end of their lives, because, “Ethiopia is blocking the Nile.” Some prominent Egyptians keep fueling people’s anxiety by declaring “this is a life or death issue for us, we will fight to the last drop of our blood, this is our historical right, and etc.” While the facts suggest that by properly utilizing our water management system and deforestation scheme we could actually increase our water volume, they, however, keep fabricating facts to the contrary about what will happen to “their” water supply.

    My fellow Ethiopians, the fact that we have been victimized by Egypt for so
    long is not in dispute, but the question now is what should we do? Although
    I understand our frustration with the Egyptian leadership, let’s try to go beyond
    tit-for-tat, and let’s try to see as far to the future as we can. Based on the
    few articles written by Egyptians on this matter and based on some comments I
    read here and there, my guess is that the majority of Egyptians are not
    properly informed about the GERD. It is possible many Egyptians haven’t had the
    chance to compare and contrast what really is being said and done by the
    relevant parties about the Nile River. On top of that, Egyptians have been mired with political uncertainties in the last 3 years resulting in economic downturn and other crisis which is affecting the average Egyptian the most. The Egyptian farmer honestly believes that Ethiopia is going to dry up the Nile River.

    We may, sometimes, have lost sight here and there but let’s not forget that we,
    Ethiopians and Egyptians alike, have inherited compassion and decency from
    our ancestors to last us forever. Let’s argue, let’s haggle, let’s negotiate,
    fine; but, please, let’s not loose sight of our decency in doing so. Let’s try
    to find a way to show each other that we are capable of saying “here is the
    last cup of water, and you can have it.” Let’s not let a few short sighted and
    irresponsible politicians blindfold us from sympathizing with our cousins next
    door. I hope I am not sounding too self-righteous since I am not completely
    free of guilt myself, but I am hoping that we will all be each other’s mirrors
    in these uncertain times. It is easy to be kind to those who are kind to us. It
    is also easy to love those who love us, but the ultimate sign of dignity is to be able to love those who don’t deserve it.

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  • Al Masry

    The issue is technically and politically complex beyond the average person. Unqualified comments are purely emotional and against the best interest of all people. queen Sheba would be ashamed of some of you.

  • Gembre

    God Bless Ethiopia and Israel!

  • Abegaz

    Seyoum Wubshet,

    would you stop going around and saying “Ethiopia is a God
    fearing nation”?

    God fears nothing but punishing and destroying Satan and its evil Arab worshipers and terrorists. There is no one but the Arabs are the real Satanic worshipers. Or you can say they are Satan itself in reality. They are evil creatures with demon spirit committing so many gruesome crimes against humanity for so long.

    The Answer is that not only Ethiopia but the rest of the world must unite and clean these Satan worshipers from the surface of the Earth. They coming around means Satan are coming in to do all satanic crimes.

    Look what they are doing against each other including in Syria and Egypt. They have no what so ever humanity in them telling them to stop but committing gruesome crimes beyond any normal human imagination.

    Watch Syria YouTube yesterday how they are slaughtering and playing with human heads like balls. These are Arabs doing the satanic works in the name of Arab culture calling it a religion.

    This is the true nature of the Arabs including Egypt. 90% terrorists
    behind al-Qaida and other terrorist cells in USA, the west and all over the world are coming from Egypt and Saudi Arabia and financed by all of them.

    So, Ethiopia gets nothing to win from these demon satanic worshiper Arabs by having them around. These evils must not allow coming closer knowing when they are allowed, they will replace the Gods people to satanic as they are Satan themselves. Look Europe, USA, Canada and Australia. They allowed them in and now they are feeling Satan is in their homes and lives.

    There is no doubt, the international community will come together and confront them in Europe, N. America, Australia, Africa and elsewhere they are coming first as refuges and so on and then acting as demons and monsters the land belongs to them.

    So, there is nothing to gain from them but losing inhuman ways if they are allowed to come around. Egypt and other monster Arabs must stay away and agree not to hurt each other. But allowing them around is just bringing the Satan itself to destroy everything God and good for the sake of the barbaric and backward Arab culture they are spreading in the name of religion.

    Egyptians must not allow in Ethiopia. They must stay away Always including all demon Arabs Starting from Saudis and gulf. They are Satan in reality, not humans for sure.

    Never ever trust the Arabs for anything. They are Satan inhumanity. They only look like human beings but they are not humans. Lying is one of the main commandments the Arab culture which they call
    it religion permits and accepts. So, never ever trust them. They are full of lies and the Arab culture call religion permits it including the gruesome satanic acts we see them committing while calling their so called religion father. KKKK. What kind satanic creatures are these evil and demon Arabs?

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