Mercedes Trophy Egypt 2014 kicks off its first qualifier event at Allegria

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Philipp Hagenburger (R), CEO of Mercedes-Benz Egypt presents the winners with their trophy (Mercedes)
Philipp Hagenburger (R), CEO of Mercedes-Benz Egypt presents the winners with their trophy (Mercedes)
Philipp Hagenburger (R), CEO of Mercedes-Benz Egypt presents the winners with their trophy (Mercedes)

In its 25th year, Mercedes Trophy takes on a new approach for 2014 both on a global and local level. For the first time in its history, the Mercedes Trophy breaks the rule of the “once in a lifetime experience” and allows previous world final contestants to participate at the Mercedes Trophy World Final 2014.To further highlight the celebration of this magnanimous event, special festivities will be arranged for all participants at the Mercedes Trophy World Final 2014 in Stuttgart.

At the local level, Mercedes Trophy Egypt introduced a new concept to the qualifiers and national final, which have been revamped with a concept of creating a more competitive qualification process and giving more golfers, as well as their family and friends, the chance to become part of the Mercedes-Benz Golf Family. Mercedes Trophy Egypt will be holding four National Qualifiers for golfers across Cairo, Giza and Alexandria, where they will presented with the opportunity to win a place at the Egypt National Final 2014.

The renowned international golf tournament kicked off its first qualifier on 22 March 2014 at the Allegria Golf Club. The Mercedes Trophy first qualifier was the scene of intense competition between golfers competing for the chance to win a spot at the international finals. The first three winners in division A were Orlando Morales, Soliman El Aasser and Heba Ali Sayed; as for Division B, the winners were Ismael Raafat, Khaled Galal and Vinod Bhojwani; and in Division C, Haiyan Gong, Azza Lamlouma and Chawalee Bali. The winners were congratulated and awarded prizes at the end of the competition by CEO of Mercedes-Benz Egypt Philipp Hagenburger.

Apart from qualifying for the Mercedes Trophy National final, golfers and their families and friends experienced entertaining activities organised by the Mercedes-Benz Golf team, from group family activities, like crazy golf, to test driving and experiencing the latest models from Mercedes-Benz, including the new E-Class, CLA class and B-class.

The Mercedes Trophy is one of the most important and prestigious golfing events in the country, giving the chance to all contestants to compete against each other in an atmosphere of sportsmanship and fair play. This competition contributes in enhancing the skills of amateur golfers in Egypt, as well as introducing new players to the game. The Mercedes Trophy is a symbol of rich tradition and athletic lifestyle, offering participants the chance to compete and converse with fellow golfers in style and in line with the brand’s active and sophisticated image.


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