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Morsi supporters organise metro protests

Traffic on Cairo’s subway remains unhindered

Flow of the metro traffic was not disrupted on Sunday despite planned protests by the Muslim Brotherhood to stall it (Photo by Ahmed Al-Malky)
Flow of the metro traffic was not disrupted on Sunday despite planned protests by the Muslim Brotherhood to stall it
(Photo by Ahmed Al-Malky)

Metro stations were on high alert on Sunday as supporters of the Muslim Brotherhood staged demonstrations in the Cairo metro to protest the legitimacy of the interim government.

Protesters planned to cripple metro traffic by getting a large number of supporters to ride repeatedly from one end of the line to the other during peak hours, 7am to 10am and again after 5pm.

Ministry of Interior spokesman Ahmed Al-Araby said that both pro- and anti-Muslim Brotherhood supporters were  arrested in the Shuhada metro station, near Ramses Square, after clashes erupted.

According to the Ministry of Interior, 20 protesters were arrested in the Shuhada station and in Shubra’s Saint Teresa station for “chanting slogans against the Armed Forces, the police and the state,” attempting to write graffiti on the stations’ walls, and for carrying slingshots and spray paint cans.

As of mid-afternoon on Sunday metro traffic was heavy, but flow had not been disrupted.  There was a strong security presence on the platform of the Shubra-Giza line in the Shuhada station.

The protests were an act of civil disobedience by the Anti-Coup Alliance, a coalition in support of the Muslim Brotherhood and deposed President Mohamed Morsi, said Alliance spokesman Mahmoud Zaid.

The Alliance specifically demanded that the government stop arbitrarily arresting Muslim Brotherhood members, said Zaid.

Supporters of the Muslim Brotherhood have been staging a number of demonstrations across Egypt since the 14 August dispersal of pro-Mohamed Morsi sit-ins at Rabaa Al-Adaweya in Nasr City and Al-Nahda Square in Giza. According to the Egyptian Centre for Economic and Social Rights the clearing of the sit-ins resulted in the deaths of 1,063 people, including 983 civilians, 52 security personnel along with 28 others whose bodies were found under the stage at Rabaa.

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  • Reda Sobky

    The more the deposed disrupt people’s lives as they work to feed themselves and their children, the more resentment will develop and past good will eventually dissipates. It is hard to understand how anybody thinks that making people’s life miserable will inspire more support? If the deposed insist on making themselves a nuisance it will continue to erode their stature until people avoid them, point them out and ridicule them as they ridicule a nuisance or an irritant. It will not bring anybody back to power, it will not create sympathy and it will not intimidate anybody, it just makes the deposed look even worse.

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