6 April rejects ‘international interference’

Daily News Egypt
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By Fatma Khaled

Egypt’s revolution requires no justifications to the US and Europe, as they have no right to intervene in domestic affairs, the 6 April Youth Movement (Ahmed Maher front) said in statement Saturday morning.

“[The plan to have] representatives travel to the US to explain the reality of events in Egypt, that they are a revolution and not a military coup, this was suggested by the presidency, not by any of the revolutionary forces,” said Mohamed Adel, 6 April’s media spokesman.

Adel stressed that as the vice-president of foreign affairs, Mohamed ElBaradei would be responsible for overseeing the success of this plan.

He added that official diplomatic missions and the foreign ministry would also be responsible for clarifying Egypt’s political situation abroad, stressing that this should not be the role of revolutionary youths.

The statement added: “this is a free revolution and the power belongs to the people alone, through all revolutionary branches,” and neither the approval nor condemnation of US political parties “would be advantageous.”

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