Egyptian Fatah office refutes Hamas’s claims

Daily News Egypt
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By Youssef El Beshlawy

The office of Fatah in Egypt rejected claims of the party’s attempts to manipulate Egyptian media in a Tuesday press conference, and denounced accusations by Hamas as “trifles”.

The press conference addressed documents released Tuesday, that Hamas alleged “prove Fatah’s involvement in inciting of Hamas and corroding its relations with Egypt.”

“Hamas does not know anymore who to accuse, and holds others responsible for its mistakes,” said Fatah Egypt.

The office said the Egyptian media, known for its “history and prestige,” would not take directions from Fatah, and denounced Hama’s accusations, saying: “the Egyptian citizen does not need fabricated documents.”

“This made everyone laugh, but what makes one cry is the disregard for minds and media, the void accusations, the lies and the fabrication, especially in this holy month,” said the movement.

The alleged Fatah correspondence released by Hamas on Tuesday included plans to conduct a terrorist operation in Egypt with the Muslim Brotherhood.

One document was a security official’s alleged recommendation to scatter grenades carrying the stamp of Ezz El-Din Al-Qassam Brigades, the military wing of Hamas, in sites that witnessed clashes between the military and pro-Morsi protesters.

Hamas said the documents prove the existence of a media committee dedicated to planting stories in the media, which colluded with Palestine’s Embassy in Cairo, as well as Fatah members residing in the Egyptian capital.

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