Israeli president: “Egypt needs an economic revolution”

Daily News Egypt
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By Mahitab Assran

Israeli president, Shimon Peres was asked about the current situation in Egypt in an interview with Al-Hurra television channel, during which he refused to comment on whether ousting former president Mohamed Morsi was democratic or not.

“Egypt is very big and holds great importance in the region and therefore it’s in our [Israeli] interest that the conditions there [in Egypt] are good,” he added.

Peres said Egypt is in need of an economic revolution much more than a political one, adding: “what is politics if it can’t provide people with bread?”

Peres also highlighted that no one should interfere with what is happening in Egypt and said that Israel will only interfere to “maintain the peace treaty and freedoms” between the two countries and “anything else will be decided upon by the Egyptian people themselves.”

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