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Political parties announce peaceful intent of 30 June, blame Morsi for violence - Daily News Egypt

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Political parties announce peaceful intent of 30 June, blame Morsi for violence

A joint statement calls on Egyptians not to abandon the original goals of the 25 January revolution

By: Rawan Ezzat

In a joint statement released on Friday, prominent political parties and figures announced that the 30 June protests would be peaceful, while Tamarod accused President Morsi of spreading bloodshed.

The statement stressed that the objective of the 30 June protests is to revolt against injustice, oppression, poverty and degradation.

“The revolution did not end with the fall of the Mubarak regime … This is a prolonged revolutionary struggle: a struggle to change the bureaucratic corruption that has been in the country for years.”

“The [goal of the] mass protest on 30 June is to finish the uncompleted revolution, to topple the first elected president who failed to achieve the revolution’s objectives and protect the country. President Morsi failed to perform his task; instead he aligned with the old regime and ignored the interests of Egyptians citizens,” read the joint statement.

The groups stated that since the revolution that was able to remove Mubarak, it can and will remove any “corrupted dictator,” regardless of the difficulties.  The joint statement stressed that they will not allow the return of Mubarak’s remnants to the regime.

The political parties agreed that they would only allow a president who will complete the revolution’s demands and goals of freedom, justice, and human dignity.

The joint parties also stated that the goal of the Egyptian revolution was not only to rid the country of a dictator, but to reclaim the Egyptian people’s rights, and that the revolution must continue as long as there is oppression in the country.

Members of the joint statement include Democratic Front, 6 April movement, the Freedom and Justice Front, New Leftist forum, the Egyptian Organisation For Human Rights, Hesham Mubarak Centre For Law, Revolutionary Socialists, Strong Egypt Party and the Egyptian Initiative For Personal Right. As for the prominent figures are Dr. Rabab Al-Mahdy, Dr. Alaa Al Aswani, Dr. Amr Hamzawy, Ahmed Seif Islam, Dr. Ahdaf Soweif, Khaled Ali, Wael Khalil, Wael Abbas, and Hossam Bahgt.

Tamarod also released a statement in which it reiterated the campaign’s “peaceful approach to complete the revolution of 25 January,” adding that it refused to engage in any violent acts, and that it would take legal action against any attacked its members.”

Tamarod blamed President Morsi for the current difficult situation in Egypt, and demanded that he start an electoral process to allow Egyptians to choose their leader. “We are giving him a choice, two days prior to 30 June, either to hold early presidential elections to avoid the bloodshed of Egyptians or refuse and will face revolutionary trials.”






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