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Students launch organic soap company Saboony

The new company incorporates sustainability and better business practices in producing organic products.

Saboony makes seasonal, organic soaps (Photo From Saboony)
Saboony makes seasonal, organic soaps
(Photo From Saboony)

Today’s body products are usually filled with unneeded and often harmful ingredients that wreak havoc on the skin. However, some businesses are thinking in a different way. A new Egyptian company started a project to produce organic soap, aptly called, Saboony (my soap). Mariam El Magrissy, CEO of Saboony, shared some details about the new company.

“Saboony is a student-lead and student-run business group that is part of a programme called INJAZ, which is a regional initiative to develop the social entrepreneurship aspirations of high school and college students in the Middle East. Regional student companies work for eight months and then present their company, product, marketing methods and management report at a yearly competition,” El Magrissy explained.

She said that Saboony is an inspiring project by “a group of 20 students with the mission of creating a company that goes beyond simply the business realm, by taking into account the current imperative for sustainability within businesses”.

Why organic soap? “The inspiration for Saboony arose from a desire to make a product that promotes simplicity, sustainability and sanitation. We wanted to produce something that was distinct from other types of ordinary, hygienic soaps,” El Magrissy said.

“Our organic soap is made from all-natural oils and herbs, with minimal use of all chemicals and artificial additives,” she said. Since its conception, Saboony has partnered up with a small, local Egyptian company that promotes transparency in manufacturing and product development

“Every bar is crafted with Egyptian hands,” El Magrissy said.

The soap’s minimal ingredients include materials from primarily from Egypt, “except for salt minerals from the Dead Sea, which is known for its therapeutic qualities”, the CEO added.

They are also adopting a pay-it-forward approach in their business. “We are packing each soap bar in 100% recycled packaging paper from Egyptian recycling groups to promote the importance of keeping our country’s industries with smaller carbon footprint, and a portion of all our profit margins is being allocated towards the improvement of health and sanitation in the country,” El Magrissy said.

The company promotes a specific type of soap for each season. From May-June for example, the type of soap available is Sweet Basil Shea Butter. The company receives orders through their Facebook page CAC INJAZ, and also by email and phone.

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  • sam enslow

    If given a chance, these small businesses can lead Egypt out of its current economic problems. There are so many business opportunities in Egypt and assets that have been allowed to rot. This is a shame. Skilled craftsmen working with good marketing/sales staff can compete with anyone, even China, if they are allowed to grow. If Egypt’s fine craftsmen start competing on quality and not price (with the knowledge to explain that quality), few tourists would purchase souviners of Egypt that were made in China. Quality merchandise finds customers.

  • this is a really cool business initiative.

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