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Egypt’s top companies: the Power 34

Forbes Middle East published its Power 500 list, giving an account of the region’s top 500 companies, and Egypt scored 34 times

Photo From Egypt Business Directory
Photo From Egypt Business Directory

The companies were chosen according to an in-depth study into companies listed on stock exchanges across the region.

Here are Egypt’s winners and their current market value:

1. Telecom Egypt (Region rank: 45): $3.6bn

2. Commercial International Bank – CIB (Region rank: 50): $2.8bn

3. National Société Générale – NSGB (Region rank: 70): $2.3bn

4. TMG Holding (Region rank: 85): $1.3bn

5. Eastern Tobacco (Region rank: 109): $724.9m


6. Suez Cement (Region rank: 122): $585.3m

7. ElSewedy Electric (Region rank: 123): $754.8m

8. GB Auto (Region rank: 132): $525.6m

9. Sidi Kerir Petrochemicals (Region rank: 137): $1bn

10. EFG Hermes Holding (Region rank: 142): $786.4m


11. Credit Agricole Egypt (Region rank: 150): $501.8m

12. Oriental Weavers (Region rank: 166): $316.4m

13. Faisal Islamic Bank (Region rank: 194): $91m

14. Alexandria Cement (Region rank: 195): $548.2m

15. Six of October Development and Investment (Region rank: 201): $289.2m


16. Amer Group Holding (Region rank: 229): $295.3m

17. Delta Sugar (Region rank: 253): $263.1m

18. Cairo Poultry (Region rank: 261): $179.1m

19. Sinai Cement (Region rank: 271): $230.4m

20. Lecico Egypt (Region rank: 303): $91.6m


21. Egyptian Chemical Industries – Kima (Region rank: 308): $420.7m

22. Torah Cement (Region rank: 309): $326.7m

23. Union National Bank Egypt (Region rank: 323): $95.5m

24. Glaxo Smith Kline (Region rank: 331): $124.1m

25. Zahraa Maadi Investment and Development (Region rank: 376): $92.1m


26. Bisco Misr (Region rank: 408): $61.7m

27. ElNasr Transformers – El Maco (Region rank: 412): $62.4m

28. ElEzz Porcelain – Gemma (Region rank: 430): $20.7m

29. Misr Chemical Industries (Region rank: 446): $45.5m

30. Mohandes Insurance (Region rank: 453): $15.1m


31. Delta Construction and Rebuilding (Region rank: 462): $22.5m

32. Egyptians for Investment and Urban Development (Region rank: 463): $63.4m

33. Arab Aluminum (Region rank: 470): $11.1m

34. Belton Financial Holding (Region rank: 491): $18m


Source: Egypt Business Directory and Forbes


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