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Two rockets land in Eilat

Israeli Defence Force claims they were fired from Sinai as Jihadist group claims responsibility for the attack

An Israeli policemen inspect the site of a rocket explosion in the Israeli Red Sea resort of Eilat April 17 2013 (AFP Photo)
An Israeli policemen inspect the site of a rocket explosion in the Israeli Red Sea resort of Eilat April 17 2013
(AFP Photo)

Two rockets landed in Eilat on Wednesday morning, according to a military source in the Israeli Defence Force (IDF). The rockets were fired from Sinai, the source claimed.

Ahmed Ali, a military spokesperson for the Egyptian Ministry of Defence, denied that any evidence had been found to prove that the rockets had been fired from Sinai, but said that the ministry was cooperating with the Israeli Defence Ministry to investigate the matter.

The rockets fell in open areas and did not result in any injuries or destruction of property, according to Paul Hirschon of the Knesset Foreign Affairs media office.

Maglis Shura Al-Mojahideen, a Gaza-based Salafi group, released a statement claiming responsibility for the attack as a response to the reported death of Maisara Abu Hamdiyeh in a Jewish prison.

“We chose to strike the enemy in a language they understand well and in a place they did not expect,” the statement said.

The spokesperson for the Israeli Prison Authority, Sivan Weizman confirmed that the prisoner in question had died about three weeks ago, but claimedthat his death had been caused by throat cancer.

The Egyptian Ministry of Defence refused to comment on the Jihadist group’s claims pending further investigations, but they released a statement emphasizing that the Egyptian armed forces would never be a source of threat to neighboring countries.

The Sinai-Israel border has witnessed several incidents  of illegal and militant activity in recent months, including multiple tourist kidnappings and hostage situations, and ongoing reports of human and weapons trafficking.


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