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A Good Day to Die Hard

A good day to die hard

John McClane is back.  The man who once took on an entire European gang while barefoot and wearing a tank top. This time McClane brings his action-infestation to Russia, the original US enemy, making one reminisce about the Cold War. The clichés don’t end there, but coming McClane’s son is coming along for this trip, making it a family affair.

Critics of the film bemoan the lack of story and the flimsy characters. “It’s willfully stupid, lacking in basic character chemistry and narrative discipline, officially turning John McClane into a borderline insane anti-social lunatic,” says Scott Mendelson of The Huffington Post.



8-4 Movie Preview 2

Fans of Jason Statham, rejoice. The martial arts enthusiast returns in another action-filled flick, about a double-crossed thief. If you enjoy his robotic acting and overly husky voice, then this film is for you. If you think that is all you’ll be getting, you are mistaken. This time he is accompanied by actor-in-training-for-twenty-years, Jennifer Lopez. Known for her Grammy-winning songs, but not for her acting, it is surprising that she is frequently cast in movies.

However, it is fair to add that she is not in the movie for her singing or acting abilities, but rather for her fabulous physique. Who needs a storyline when you can see J-Lo in her underwear? If you are a peeping Tom, you will just love this one.

“In a time when the violence in movies is increasingly under fire, ‘Parker’ stands as one of those films that would be virtually nothing without it,” says Betsy Sharkey of the Los Angeles Times



8-4 Movie Preview 3

The movie is obviously on the life of Abraham Lincoln, the 16th president of the United States of America, who successfully abolished slavery. The film deals with Lincoln’s life in the midst of the civil war, and his struggles with the idea of killing his own brethren. In addition, the film handles his efforts to convince the cabinet on the idea of emancipation.

The greatly talented Daniel Day-Lewis is Lincoln, accompanied by Sally Field as his wife, Mary Todd Lincoln. The film has been nominated for 12 Oscars including best actor in a leading role and best actress in a supporting role. While some critics are persecuting the film for not being entirely accurate on some minor details, it could be a refreshing change from meaningless action movies.

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