Cape Town Carnival Celebrates Diversity with “Lekker” Theme

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Cape Town, South Africa, recently held its annual carnival, a vibrant celebration of the city’s diverse communities. This year’s theme, “Lekker,” an Afrikaans word meaning “pleasant,” embodied the spirit of inclusion and joy.

Over 1,000 performers from various city neighbourhoods participated in the parade, showcasing their creativity and cultural heritage. A highlight of the evening was the Chinese Cultural Parade, featuring a spectacular 43-meter dragon as its centerpiece.

To mark the Year of the Dragon, the Chinese community crafted this impressive display, requiring 30 performers to operate it through the streets. The parade also included captivating Chinese folk dances and presentations in traditional costumes.

“We’ve brought together numerous local groups, allowing them to interpret and showcase Chinese culture in their own unique ways,” said Dong Gang, head of the Chinese performing group.

The audience enthusiastically embraced the Chinese community’s performance. The lively dances of dragons, lions, and pandas drew thunderous applause and cheers from the crowds lining the parade route, according to CCTV+, a TV BRICS partner.

Launched in 2010, the Cape Town Carnival aims to foster social cohesion and economic growth. It provides a platform for people from all walks of life to come together, celebrate their differences, and build a stronger, more vibrant city.

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