Cairo Mediterranean Literary Festival kicks off

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Since the beginning of 2011, Egypt has been shaken by a social and political tidal wave that has had a profound impact on its cultural environment. From street-side cafes to cyberspace, opportunities for dialogue are expanding; ideas are shared, torn apart and reassembled.

Against this backdrop, where the collective cry for change has given people the courage to take back their city, the Baad El-Bahr Cultural Association (BEBA) has decided to go ahead with the second edition of the Cairo Mediterranean Literary Festival, an event that has proven itself a tangible demonstration of the possibility of constructive dialogue between the two shores of the Mediterranean.

The 2011 edition of the festival is entitled “Literature and Cities” and will take place in Cairo from May 21-25 2011.

The majority of the guests are contemporary authors whose works focus on the great changes that have taken place, and are taking place, in towns and cities over the last twenty years. Talking about cities often means confronting sensitive issues, from rapid modernization and architectural change, to preservation of cultural heritage, to the successive waves of immigration that change a city’s complexion, and introduce new lifestyles and new elements of diversity and exchange between cultures.

Egyptian authors, in particular, will bear testimony to the radical changes in their cities in recent months. They will be the honorary guests and leading actors of festival events.

You can follow all events and updates on the festival website:


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