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CAIRO: Economist Galal Amin was awarded by the Sultan Bin Ali Al Owais Cultural Foundation for his work in the “humanitarian and futuristic studies section as well as his contribution to the economic, political and cultural fields in the Arab world.

“It makes me very happy to receive this award which makes a great difference in my career, said Amin, “It will encourage me to work harder and perform better.

The Sultan Bin Ali Al Owais Cultural Foundation Award is given by the United Arab Emirates to Arabs who contribute to their society.

Amin is best known for his book, “Whatever Happened to the Egyptians? which discusses the social and economic changes that have taken place in Egypt.

While Amin said he also hopes to receive an award from Egypt he said, “I’m a believer in Arab nationalism … Recognition from any Arab country is as good as one from my own, it doesn’t matter.

According to their website, the Owais foundation said Amin was awarded for “his production in economics, politics, society and culture, and for his persistence to deploy the enlightenment values in society, taking the slogan of Comprehensive Development as a method of deep and accurate work at the same time, as well as his theoretical project that does not separate the economic development in the Arab world from culture and life.

“I am very pleased with the description they put of me, said Amin.

The second half of Amin’s autobiography, “The Nectar of Life (Rahiq El-Omr), is expected to be out during the next book fair.

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