Lifestyle Highlight: Silver never sparkled so brightly

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While driving down Maraashly Street in Zamalek, I spotted a regally dressed mannequin in a shop window, its black dress patterned with orbs of silver hardware.

The mannequin was standing in Azza Fahmy’s Zamalek branch, a relatively new outlet but one that nevertheless, always warrants a peek through the windows and a few minutes inside when passing by, particularly this year.

Azza Fahmy has been releasing a celebratory collection for the brand’s 40th anniversary and the pieces bit by bit appear in the store and most of the pieces quickly sell.

It is Fahmy’s opus magnum, a celebratory work of 40 years in the business. Her latest collection not only drew upon her usual motifs of calligraphy, Arabic poetry, symbolism and elements inspired by Egyptian desert culture but also old designs that she has had recommissioned and updated.

It is interesting to note how old favorites are up for grabs once again. Azza Fahmy pieces have somewhat of a rarified collector’s appeal to them, and today, as the new collection offers new interpretations to old favorites, the vintage Azza Fahmy brooches on the mannequin will also be for sale soon.

The mannequin is traveling once a month to the different branches of Azza Fahmy. Close inspection of the mannequin reveals pieces that had a slightly crude element to their craftsmanship; their patterns are bold and striking and very reminiscent of the Azza Fahmy brand when the pieces were not as sleek or polished as they are today.

And how to wear the brooches? In clusters of two, three or four. Arranged haphazardly on a collar or perhaps more creatively set as a top button on a coat or as a decorative element on the hip of a dress. The possibilities are really endless.

But I personally wouldn’t mind wearing the dress on the mannequin. The look would be quite the clash: desert chic meets Balmain-esque rocker style. Overtly bold and very heavy to wear perhaps, but hey, the look would be my wardrobe’s opus magnum. -Daily News Egypt

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